Hunting Shape vs. “In Shape”

January 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

hunting shape

If you have ever assumed that because you were “in shape” you’d be fine on your upcoming hunt, you likely learned very quickly that hunting shape and “in shape” are two very different things.

Someone who runs for 20 minutes per day, 3 days per week, could be considered in shape. Someone who lifts 3-4 times per week could be considered in shape. Someone who can walk to the mailbox and back without getting winded might think they are in shape. “In shape” is a highly subjective term; so long as you can find someone else who is in worse shape than you, you could justify yourself as being in shape.

Hunting shape on the other hand is black and white. You can either climb that hill without being completely wiped out or you can’t. You can either carry that pack or you can’t. You can either draw that bow after a long hike or you can’t… it is that simple.

Getting into hunting shape, however, is not simple. It takes determination, discipline, and strategy. It takes keeping your eyes on the goal: a filled tag and an enjoyable hunt.

With this in mind, it is important to build your training around what you will be doing. Curls might get the girls and thighs might catch peoples eyes, but that doesn’t mean they will help you on day 5 of a mountain goat hunt or drawing on an elk immediately after summiting a mountain. Instead, a hunter needs to train the muscles that are used while hunting in a way that prepares them for the hunt. Squats, walking lunges, hang cleans, running stadiums, etc. are all examples of exercises that prepare you for hunting. Training so that you look good won’t help you on your hunt (However, training for your hunt will also help you look better too).

If you are serious about hunting, train how you hunt. If you are serious about your selfies and train to just look good, don’t be surprised when you don’t fill your tag.

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