The Difference Between Stuff and Gear

February 3, 2015 — 1 Comment

We all wear clothes. We all use stuff. But what is it that makes gear unique? And why is it important to have gear and not just stuff?

Gear is anything that aids you in your pursuit of a goal. Gear helps you accomplish the purpose for which you set out in the first place. Stuff is exactly that: just stuff. I can get a rope from the hardware store, but if I want to rock climb, I should get the right gear (climbing rope) because it will help me to accomplish my goal since it is made for exactly what I am trying to do. Sure, other rope might be cheaper, but it won’t be as effective.

The same goes for hunting and fitness gear. I could buy any camo for the cheapest price from just about any store; but will it work the way I want? Will it fit well? Will it help me accomplish my goals? Probably not. When it comes to your gear, you need to find what will be most effective, even if it costs a little more. It is worth it.

If you have done much shooting, you know that the fit and quality of a gun or bow can mean the difference between hitting your target or missing. You don’t necessarily need a $5,000 custom rifle or a $1,200 bow, but if you find a gun or bow that fits you well, feels good, and is built with quality in mind, that is your huckleberry, regardless of cost.

This is true for your hunting clothing as well. Quality base-layers and quality outerwear that fits well and meets your needs should be your focus, not cost. There is no sense in spending $200 when $50 will do the job just as well; just don’t compromise quality and function for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Hunting gear is exactly that: gear! It is intended to help you accomplish your goal; if it doesn’t do that, get something else. Fit, finish, function, and quality are all factors to consider.

The same goes in the off-season. The clothes you wear to the gym should be seen as gear as well. Sure, you could workout in a cotton t-shirt and cheap shorts, but sometimes that becomes a hinderance (like when that cotton shirt absorbs every drop of sweat and starts to feel like an anvil hanging off your shoulders…). The clothing you wear to run, lift, and work-out in general should serve the purpose of helping you achieve your goals. You should invest in quality fitness gear that helps regulate body temperature, wicks moisture away from your body, and is light and breathable. It will help you work harder and longer while keeping you more comfortable (as comfortable as one could be while working out).

Stop looking at your hunting gear and clothing as just stuff. Don’t treat your gym-wear as just clothing. It is gear that is meant to help you succeed. If it is not serving that purpose, you need to upgrade your stuff to gear.

What gear do you use to help you succeed in the gym and the field? Comment below.

One response to The Difference Between Stuff and Gear


    To me, stuffs are things you randomly put into your bag. Gears are much more specific in mind.

    For instance, my cooking systems:

    Summer – cat-can stove.(home-made)
    Autumn – Upright canister stove (eg. Jetboil)
    Early winter – Remote canister down to -25 Celcius (eg. Kovea Spider)
    Deep winter – White gas stove (eg. MSR XGK or Whisperlite International)

    And of course, the size of the pots vary too from 475 mL to 900 mL to 2L depending on the season and what I am cooking.

    Those are gears since they are situational and the context of the trip determines what I will pack. What would be considered as “stuff” in my pack would be the first aid kit, the kill kit et al since those ones don’t change and remain constant regardless of the situation.


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