Gear Review: Prois – Women’s Hunting Apparel

June 1, 2015 — 4 Comments


Ladies, I am sure that you get frustrated at the exorbitant amount of options that men have for high performance hunting apparel and the very limited options that you have. Sure, you could just wear men’s clothes so that you can have access to the same high-quality gear… But why? There should be an option for women that is both feminine in fit while rugged in function. You should have the option of having clothes that fit and look good and at the same time use the most advanced technology and fabrics. You need a high-performance hunting apparel line just for you.

Prois Technical Hunting Apparel

Prois was started by CEO Kirstie Pike who recognized the need for a women’s hunting apparel line that met the needs of the modern huntress. With this need in mind, Prois designs and engineers products that will be able to stand up to whatever is thrown at them. This brief explanation of their thought process sums up Prois very well:

It is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. We select only the top rated performance fabrics to provide windstopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. We create each item to maximize efficiency and functionality in the field utilizing signature features such as scapular pockets, magnetic snaps, lumbar compartments, ducktail features and more. We take great pride in the fact that our gear is made an overall commitment to you, the female hunter.

I have been able to experience first-hand (kind of… you’ll see what I mean in a minute) the quality and specialized nature of Prois products. They truly are high-performance, high-quality products.

I was able to inspect the products personally, while my wife tried them on and tested them out (hence why I said “first-hand… kind of”). My wife is 5’9″ and 140 lbs (And, yes, I got her permission before putting her weight on the internet). She constantly struggles with finding sleeves and inseams that are long enough because she has very long legs and long arms. While looking around at hunting apparel for her, it was the same story with every brand we tried: sleeves were too short and pants fit like capris. She was happy to see that the inseam of Prois’ pants are the longest we found of any brand out there (33 inches in medium pants whereas most other brands are 32″) and the sleeves are also generously long.


My wife loved her Prois gear on our elk hunt this year

In terms of the product itself, the first thing I noticed about all of them was the quality of materials used. The suede of the Pro-Edition jacket is soft and completely silent. The synthetic blend of the backcountry shirt is thin, yet wear well. The brushed tricot polyester of the Ultra pants is soft, yet very durable. The stitching on all of the pieces was done well and showed no sign of poor craftsmanship. Also, the ingenuity in the design was impressive. Wiith each pass over each garment I found yet another feature that made me say, “Hmm… that’s cool.”

These products are impressive and I would like to detail each product we tested to discuss exactly how impressive they each are:

Pro-Edition jacket


The Pro-Edition Jacket is constructed with 3 ply bonded fabric with windstopping laminate. This provides the protection you need without the bulk you don’t want. It is form fitting, but built with plenty of room for movement and layering. This jacket is a fantastic all-around jacket. It is silent for bow season, but warm enough for late season rifle hunts, especially with a good merino base layer.

The Pro-Edition jacket has an array of innovative features including:

•3-panel, removable hood that folds and stores inside the jacket. The hood also provides excellent coverage around your face for added wind protection and warmth.

•Arm pockets with magnetic closure snaps to enhance silence

•Includes our scapular drop pockets located between the shoulder blades to hold activated heat packs where you need them most.

•Spacious lumbar compartment with easy access for packing those lightweight items or additional hand warmers for added warmth across the flanks.

•Deep set hand pockets with zippered pockets.

•Snap down sliders on zippers to ensure silence.

•Zipper garage at neck to reduce chaffing from zipper mechanics. •Tapered sleeve cuffing with thumb holes added for warmth, concealment and ease of movement.

•Lined with our signature nylon tricot for comfort and ease of movement with layering.

And the list goes on…

This jacket fits well and does not have any added bulk. It fits true to size and is long enough for taller women without being too long for shorter women. It is heavy in the sense that the insulation is dense, but it is not heavy/bulky to wear; it is efficient in weight and insulation. The sleeves have thumbholes, which are useful, but for someone like my wife who has long arm, the added length created by the thumbholes is priceless.

When you consider the features, design, and material, this jacket is a great value and is truly a high-performance, innovative piece that should be a must for you this season.

*The Pro-Edition Vest incorporates the same materials and features and is also a great option for those days when a full jacket isn’t quite necessary.

Ultra Pants


The Ultra Pants are an all-purpose, any season kind of pant. It is light for those early season hunts, but has a brushed backing to help with layering for those later hunts when it gets cold. They are cut to be form fitting and functional and are designed to allow more room through the hips and thighs to enhance comfort and function.

Some of the features of these pants include:

•Large cargo pockets with magnetic closures for silence.

•Elasticized cuffing and cordlock to cinch cuff closer to the boot during the hunt.

•Knee pleats to enhance movement and comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking.

The pant legs are roomy, but can swing quite a bit if you have the cordlock wide open. You would do well to find the sweet spot of tightness for the cuff cinch as this will make sure the leg openings are exactly how you want them. As mentioned before, the pants are long enough for those who need a longer inseam, but not obnoxiously long for those who need a typical inseam. The Ultra pants are the perfect option for anyone who wants to have a go-to, durable, any season pant.


Cord lock allows for cinching cuff around your boot, maintaining a bootcut fit while keeping pant legs secure.

Ultra Backcountry Shirt


The Ultra Backcountry Shirt is designed to be a function, tough shirt. It is 100% polyester so it is light, breathable, and moisture wicking. It has a 1/4 zip, thumbholes in the sleeves, and a tapered fit to keep it close.

However, what really sets this shirt apart is the lumbar storage pocket in the back. This pocket is perfect for holding calls, gloves, hand warmers and other necessities. It is an innovative feature that could be a game changer.

This shirt can be worn next to skin or over a merino base layer for those chilly mornings.

The only complaint with this shirt is that the sleeves are a bit shorter than you might expect. If you are taller like my wife, you may find yourself needing the extra length that the thumbholes offer. If you are not quite as long, you will probably be fine But if that is the only gripe with this shirt, then it is a fine shirt indeed!


I don’t write these articles for my benefit; I write them for yours. I will tell you if I think a product is great or if I think it needs work. This article is based on mine and my wife’s honest experience with these products and I have to say, if these are an example of the rest of the Prois line (as I believe they are), then you can’t go wrong. Sure, the price is higher than you will pay for a generic brand; however, hunting apparel is an investment and when you buy quality gear up front, you will buy less gear down the road because your investment will last. Ladies, if you are in the market for new hunting apparel, you need to give Prois Hunting Apparel as serious look.

4 responses to Gear Review: Prois – Women’s Hunting Apparel


    Finding clothes for female hunters can be difficult in North America. The gender gap only just recently are starting to edge toward a more proportional ratio.

    Have you guys considered looking at Nordic brands? They have had female hunting gears for a good two decades or more. Probably because they have much higher female participation compared to eastern United States.


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