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June 13, 2015 — 1 Comment

Wilderness Athlete

After 4 months of using Wilderness Athlete supplements, I wanted to follow up with a long-term update. Since I began taking Wilderness Athlete supplements, I have felt my overall energy level increase and I generally have felt better. I dropped 8 lbs in the first month and have successfully kept the weight off ever since. I have been sleeping better and I feel more recovered each day. Also, I have had more stamina in the gym and have noticed an improvement in my body’s recovery time after a workout. These supplements are intended to provide the nutrition that your body needs in order to perform at its highest level and I can honestly say that I have felt like these products have delivered exactly that.

Energy & Focus

Energy_and_Focus_Tub__20534.1416347009.350.350This is a good alternative to an energy drink as it tastes good and is also full of nutrients and amino acids to help boost metabolism and increase focus, without the harmful stimulants. It doesn’t give you the over the top buzz of an energy drink, but at the same time I don’t like that feeling so I definitely prefer this drink over something in a can. This has been a regular in my supplement stack.

Hydrate & Recovery


Hydrate & Recover is a great mid-workout drink. Water is fine, but I have liked how the additional nutrients and amino acids in this formula help to quench thirst during a workout. It has helped me stay hydrated and is easy to drink.

Green Infusion


This has been a big part of my overall health lately and I am certain it is a big part of why I feel much better each day. The amount of phytonutrients and probiotics packed into each small serving is a great addition to your nutrition program. But I’ll be honest… It tastes like pure alfalfa. However, if you mix it with the meal replacement shake, you can hardly taste it; a worthwhile compromise if I do say so myself. Plus, one canister lasts for a very long time so the cost balances out over time.

Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake


This shake tastes good and mixes well. It is very filling and sticks with you for a while (thanks to the 9g of fiber per serving). I have used it as a snack and as a full meal-replacement and have been happy with the outcome both times; I didn’t get hungry until close to time for my next meal. I found that it dissolves much better in water, but if you mix it with milk it will be even more wholesome. The concentration of nutrients really makes this a great, well rounded addition.

High Performance Multi-Vitamin


Taking a multi-vitamin is a lot like changing the oil in your car: you don’t notice the benefits immediately, but in the long run you will be thankful that you did because everything will work better and last longer. The multi-vitamin does not give you an immediate payoff that you can see, however it fills in the nutrition gaps left by your daily diet and it helps your body use the other supplements to their full advantage. A multi-vitamin is an absolute must in any fitness nutrition program.

Ultimate Pre-Workout


Ultimate Pre-Workout is much better, in my opinion, than the other pre-workouts on the market for one reason: it isn’t packed full of stimulants. It does its job of increasing blood flow so that your muscles can get the oxygen and nutrients they need and it does it very well. I have noticed a visible increase in directed blood flow to the muscles being trained during a workout and I have not had the jittery, jumpy feeling that I have had with other pre-workout supplements.

Protein Plus


Protein Plus is like a lot of other proteins on the market, but it also has just enough simple carbohydrates to increase protein assimilation into your muscles, thus allowing your muscles to use more of the protein that you are consuming. Also, it is a very fine powder so it dissolves in water very well and goes down smoothly (nobody likes a chunky protein shake). It tastes good and as far as protein goes, that is the biggest factor to me!

You can also check out these articles that detail a few of the other supplements I have been taking:

Nighttime Optimizer

Lean Life

Fish Oil

Joint Advantage

Overall, I have been very pleased with the Wilderness Athlete line and will continue using these products because I firmly believe they accomplish the purpose for which they were made: providing nutrients for the outdoor athlete. What has been most evident throughout my time using the various supplements Wilderness Athlete makes has been the fact that they are developed with the outdoor athlete in mind. They are not formulated like your typical supplements found at GNC. Instead, they are intended to provide the specific nutrients that you will need in the backcountry which means they work in the gym and can also go with you into the field. This versatility is very important. If you want to hunt fit, take the performance nutrition supplements that have been developed specifically for you and you will be glad that you did.

If you want to order some of Wilderness Athlete’s Products, go to http://www.wildernessathlete.com and use code HUNTINGFIT and get 25% off your order of $39.95 or more!

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