Women’s Baselayers and Prois – IceBreaker Merino

June 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Ladies, if you read the article on merino vs synthetic base layers and you are wanting to get some quality merino base layers that are made specifically for women, Prois Hunting has you covered. Merino has so many benefits that if you are not hunting in an environment in which you need synthetic, you really can’t go wrong with merino. Prois offers two options for merino base layers:

Icebreaker Everyday

Everyday Crew, Leggings, and Half-Zip

Everyday Crew, Leggings, and Half-Zip

The Everyday line of base layers are so versatile, you can wear them all day, every day (hence the name…). They are 200gm pure merino rib fabric, delivering breathability, durability, and versatility. Great as a baselayer, comfortable under insulating and outer layers, and breathable for ventilating heat when you are on the move.

Icebreaker Ika

Oka Half-Zip and Leggings in Max-1

Ika Half-Zip and Leggings

The Ika line of base layers are specifically made for the huntress who needs a serious base layer. Made from 200gm midweight merino, these base layers keeps you warm, comfortable, and naturally odor-free. They are available Real Tree XTRA or MAX-1patterns. They allow the versatility to be worn as stand-alone pieces when it is warmer while still blending in to your surroundings. The Ika top incorporates off-shoulder seams to prevent pack rub for heavy gear days. These are serious base layers for the serious huntress.

As you can see, you have options for your base layers when you go through Prois. If you read our previous article on Prois Hunting apparel, you know that anything through Prois will meet the highest standards. These merino base layers are no different.

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