Why A Half-Marathon Should Be In Your Future

June 24, 2015 — 3 Comments


Hunters are results-oriented by nature. We seek results, we expect results, and we only forget about results when we go home empty-handed. With this in mind, part of hunting fit is having the mindset needed to push through barriers and difficulties in order to reach your goal. Which brings us to the half-marathon.

Training for a half-marathon takes preparation, discipline, proper nutrition, and a whole lot of work… and that is all long before the race begins. It is a 1 1/2 – 2 hour long race for someone in moderately decent shape so it is no small commitment; however, the benefits reaped after finishing far outweigh the work invested in training and execution (sounds kind of like hunting, doesn’t it?).

Here are 3 benefits to running a half-marathon:

1. You will be in the best shape of your life by the time your finish the race

You cannot run a half-marathon in so-so shape. You have to be in good shape to run 13.1 miles. The process of getting there takes work, but the end product is you being in tip-top shape. You will more prepared to hike through the hills than you ever would have been before.

2. You will find will-power you didn’t know you had

Running long distance brings every person who tries to the do-or-die moment where he or she decides if he or she will continue or not. When you reach that point during training and in the middle of the race and you push through it and finish, you will train your mind to never give up until your reach your goal; a decision that will pay great dividends in the backcountry

3. You will be more confident in who you are and what you can do

Anyone who has decided to do something big like running a half-marathon has had the thought: Can I even do this? But through discipline, persistence, and hard-work, they realize that they can and they will. Your body can do just about anything you want it to do; you just have to realize that in your mind. When you realize that, no landscape seems too difficult to traverse for the prize of a filled tag. Confidence in your abilities is half the battle in the backcountry. Running in a half-marathon will prove that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

If you are ready to take this challenge on, start following our half-marathon training plan. Also, search for half-marathons happening near you this summer or fall and sign up! This will ensure that you stay on track because of a commitment.

Do it. You will be glad you did.

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