Why You Need to Be a goHUNT Insider

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For those who want to go after the tag of a lifetime, it just might take a lifetime to draw it. When you do draw that tag, you want to be able to give yourself the best chance of harvesting the bull, buck, or ram that has been the driving force behind applying for that tag for so long. Or maybe that isn’t you… Instead, maybe you like to go for the over-the-counter consistency that you can have in some states where you can hunt every year. These over-the-counter tags are often in less competitive units (hence why there is an abundance of tags) or there is a ton of pressure from other hunters due to the high availability of tags. Either way, if you want to have an edge, you need tools that help you prepare, both physically and mentally.

You probably read the articles here on Hunting Fit in order to prepare for the physical part. However, if you also want to do research and gain informative data to help you maximize your harvesting odds you need a tool like goHUNT’s Insider.

goHUNT is a resource for hunters that features articles pertaining to skills, lifestyle, news, and other information that is beneficial for hunters. However, they offer access to information that no one else has through their Insider benefits. By signing up to be an Insider, you have access to State profiles, Unit profiles, Species profiles, monthly giveaways, exclusive content, and more! I signed up for Insider about a month ago and have been using it for planning some of my hunts and it has been worth every penny.

If you are like me and you want to be able to hunt in multiple states (or even just within your own state), goHUNT Insider should absolutely be a part of your toolbox.

Here is a look at some of the benefits you get when signing up for Insider:

State Profiles

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.14.25 PM

By researching state profiles, you have access to information that makes applying for and researching you hunts much more efficient and effective. I have been wanting to do a Colorado elk hunt for a long time – I used the state profile tool to figure out exactly what I would need to do to get an over-the-counter elk tag. It helped to clear up some confusion and give me more confidence in choosing a unit and purchasing the tag.

State profiles include:

Rules and regulations

Everything you need to know about the rules of each state, in one place — pulled directly from the respective game management and enforcement agencies.

Draw system and bonus points

Never miss an application deadline again. View all key dates at a glance, and learn the ins-and-outs of each state’s unique draw system, including bonus vs. preference points.

Interactive map

Scan a map of an entire state with unit boundary lines with the ability to zoom in and out.

Tag and license fees

What is your hunt going to cost? Review resident vs. non-resident license and tags as well as youth hunts.

Unit Profiles

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.11.33 PM

Much like the state profiles, the unit profiles give you valuable information regarding each unit in a respective state. You can quickly decide if you will put in for that unit or not and what hunts/species you can pursue with only a few clicks. When browsing the left-over tags for New Mexico, I checked out each unit that had Mule Deer tags and was able rule out the ones that didn’t have good public access or had sparse deer herds. Using Insider to pick the right unit for an archery Mule Deer hunt saved me a ton of time.

Another valuable use for the unit profile is the challenge of trying a new unit. Hunted the same area for a long time and want a new challenge? Using the unit profile feature of Insider will make short work of finding a new unit.

Unit profiles include:

Mapping and satellite imagery

Get a birds-eye view of your hunting terrain on detailed unit maps, with clearly identified boundary lines and marked area services.

Tag quota and harvest success

Know the numbers going into your hunt with tag allocation data and harvest success rates — for each specie, by season.

Specie and season-specific information

Learn about each specie in the unit and gain valuable insight into animal genetics, as well as season-specific behavior details.

Weather and geography

View the entire weather history of a unit (precipitation, temperature) — plus moon phases. See how much of the unit is private land, your camping/lodging options and what type of terrain and vegetation to expect.

Here is a sample Unit Profile.

Species Profiles

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.52.08 PM

I have always wanted to hunt Barbary Sheep and Ibex, which luckily for me are both thriving here in New Mexico. Using the species profiles, I was able to find all of the units that contain Barbary Sheep, which ones were draw only and which had over-the-counter tags, and the best strategy for going about harvesting one.

Species profiles include:

Updated news

Understand current trends for each big game specie in a particular state with frequently updated news and alerts.


Find out which units offer individual species, and identify resident vs. non-resident units.

Harvest photos

Compare pictures of animals harvested in each state to get an idea of what to expect (Photos: Boone & Crockett).

App Strategies

App strategy articles are a key piece of the Insider formula. These articles give you insight into how to go about applying for each individual species in each individual state. They give you the best insight into which units produce the level of animal you are looking for and the best way to go about drawing the tag you are hoping for.

Here is a link to a sample app strategy page.

Monthly Giveaways


One of the coolest perks of the Insider program is the fact that you are automatically entered every month into some pretty stellar giveaways. No action required. If you are an Insider, you are automatically entered! Click here to see some of the giveaways from this year.

Signing up for Insider is easy and quick. For $149/yr, you will have access to all of the information listed above, plus addition Insider articles throughout the year. All of this plus a $50 Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card and the opportunity to win some incredible products/hunts for free – the benefits of being an Insider FAR outweigh the cost.

If you hunt out west (or if you want to someday), you need to be an Insider.

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