Last-Minute Workout – Day 10

August 21, 2015 — Leave a comment
Photo Credit: Muscle and Fitness

Photo Credit: Muscle and Fitness

Back to focusing on cardio.

Do 25 minutes of HIIT for one of the following exercises:


Speed-walking on treadmill at max incline (sprint intervals should be walking at a speed that would be more comfortable to run. This causes your body to work harder because you are forcing it to do something less efficient by continuing to walk)

Stationary Bike

For you HIIT workout:

Do 2 minutes of slow warm-up

Then do 14 sets of 30 second sprint and 1 minute active rest

Finish with 2 minute cool down

Remember that HIIT is a combination of sprints and active rest. Active rest means you keep moving, but at a slower pace. Sprints should be done at full intensity.

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