Last-Minute Workout – Day 11

August 22, 2015 — Leave a comment


Most hunters carry a pack. However few train with their pack. Training while wearing your pack will both help you be more able to carry it and also more comfortable and used to wearing it. With that in mind, here is today’s workout.

While wearing your pack, perform the following circuit 3 times with 2 minutes rest between circuits (add 10-20 lbs to your pack to increase difficulty):

15 Squats

15 Push-ups

15 Goodmornings (imagine straight-leg deadlifts with the weight on your back instead of your hands)

15 Step Ups (get a stool, bench, or chair)

15 Floor dips

15 Lunges

Finish with a very slow jog or climb on the Stairmaster while wearing your pack. Jog or climb for 15 minutes at a steady, slow pace.

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