Gear Review: First Lite Corrugate and Kanab 2.0 Pants

August 29, 2015 — 2 Comments


I recently spent a significant amount of time in the field scouting for my upcoming elk hunt. During that time, I put some miles on my First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants and my Kanab 2.0 pants. While I was more than pleased with both, there are some specific aspects of each pant that I would like to highlight so that you can make a decision as to which would be best for you.

First off, let’s look at the similarities between the two pants: Both pants allow use of the First Lite suspenders, however the Corrugates do not come with the suspenders as they do with the Kanab 2.0. Both pants are available in Pine, Dry Earth, Fusion, and ASAT. Only the Kanab’s come in Realtree.

Here are some specifics on each pant:

Corrugate Guide Pant

The Corrugate Guide Pant is a synthetic blended pant; it is not 100% merino wool. While this means that the pants will not have the same qualities as a merino pant would (such as being naturally odor resistant), there are plenty of benefits to a synthetic pant as well (For info on the benefits and drawbacks of synthetic vs. Merino, click here). These pants stretch like no other so they remain comfortable throughout your full range of motion. Traversing steep grades and stepping over obstacles was no problem in these pants, even with a more snug fit around the thigh; these pants handled everything I threw at them and remained very comfortable the entire time. The Corrugates also breathe really well. I did not feel overheated in the warm August sun once.

I really like the fit of these pants. They have just enough room in the thigh, but then taper down around your calves and feel really nice. A nice addition to these pants is the double cargo pockets with only one being zippered. This allows for easy, silent access to whatever is in the 3D cargo pocket (like a rangefinder when that elk is only 40 yards away and you can’t fiddle with a loud zipper).

Some drawbacks to the Corrugates include the fact that they are synthetic so these would not be your go to pant if you could only bring one pair on a week-long hunt. If you can have access to multiple pairs of pants though, these are a great option.

Also, if you like pants that come down around the top of your boot, these might not tickle your fancy. I found that they bunched above my Merrill hiking boots and would  not go down around the top of the boot. I did not find that it affected me at all though.

One thing to note: these pants are not silent. Walking at a normal pace will produce a swooshing sound that is noticeable. However, taking some care in how you step can negate the noise issue.

The Corrugates are a great addition to the First Lite pant line and I already own a few pairs because I love them so much. I will be wearing these camping, hiking, fishing, etc, not just hunting. While doing anything in the backcountry where pants are appropriate, I will likely be found wearing a pair of Corrugates.

Kanab 2.0

The Kanab 2.0 pants have some distinctives that set them apart from the Corrugate Guide Pants. First of all, the Kanab’s are 100% merino wool so they can be worn for days on end with no fear of odor build-up; this is a huge benefit for someone who backpacks in for his or her hunts and needs to be mindful of pack weight. Additionally, the Kanab’s are very light, yet with the ripstop stitching they are very durable. Added gusseting to the crotch is a plus as this increases range of motion.

The pants are a bit roomier than the Corrugates, so it you like a wider leg, this might be your huckleberry. However, I found that the inseam on these was too short for me while the Corrugates fit a little longer. I have a 34 inseam, but a 31 inch waist, so I had to choose between the Kanabs fitting too baggy and being long enough, or fitting right and being short. Right fit won out so my Kanab’s are a bit short for me. The elk won’t care though so I don’t either.

The Kanabs are 100% totally, absolutely silent. I love that about these pants! There is no noise at all so if you are stalking a nervous mule deer, these bad boys will keep you quiet.

Two Great Options

Both of these pants are a great option. It really just comes down to your needs and preferences. Whichever you choose, you will be happy with them because both of these pants are top notch products from a top notch company. I have been very pleased with my First Lite products and I am certain you will be too.

2 responses to Gear Review: First Lite Corrugate and Kanab 2.0 Pants


    How are 2.0 compared to the original?

    I remember reading pure merino is not a good idea for bushwhacking since they tear easily, and the Kanab is prone to wear and tear compared to other mountain-hunting brands.



      The 2.0 is more durable than the original. Since it 100% merino, it is still more susceptible to snags than the Corrugates. If you hunt in thick brush with thorns and such, I’d stick with the Corrugates.


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