3 Wilderness Athlete Products I Cannot Live Without

September 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Wilderness Athlete

After using practically every supplement that Wilderness Athlete offers, I have experienced the benefits of each and have seen how each supplement they make has a specific purpose in mind and each does its respective job very well. However, there are a few supplements that are absolute staples in my supplements stack. There are a few supplements that it should go without saying need to be a regular part of your daily supplement intake (multi-vitamin, protein, and omega-3 fish oil) as without them your training and nutrition efforts will not be nearly as effective as they could be. But there are a few others that have earned a special place in my pantry and I will never train (or hunt) without them again.

The 3 WA Products That I Cannot Live Without:

Hydrate & Recover


Hydrate & Recover quenches my mid- and post-workout thirst better than anything I have ever tried. It tastes great and replenishes vital nutrients quickly (Also, if you mix it the Berry Blast Hydrate & Recover with the Mango Bango Energy & Focus, it is basically the best drink on the planet). There is also a great side benefit of Hydrate & Recover: it has 1000mg of vitamin C which has on multiple occasions helped to keep me from getting sick when everyone around me was sick. This is a great product with great health benefits. I cannot and will not workout without this product in my water bottle ever again!

Green Infusion


Green infusion is one of those supplements that scares people away because they don’t understand it. People think “Greens? It must taste nasty!” While it does taste like grass, if you mix it with your protein or meal replacement shake, you can hardly taste it. Plus, the health benefits of the phytonutrients found in Green Infusion far outweigh the notion of the taste. Try it and you will understand. I have felt great since I started using this product and I will continue to use it.

Meal Replacement & Recovery


When I used to do body building, I would use weight gainers to put on mass. These were often heavy shakes that were jammed full of as much protein, carbs, and fats as possible to help you put on nothing but mass (and yes, plenty of fat as well). However, Wilderness Athlete’s Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake is a high quality blend of proteins, complex carbs, and quality fats that are formulated to provide nutrients to your body, not just mass. They are filling and effective at helping you lose weight and are also get snacks to get you to your next meal. They taste great and I absolutely love them.

Give these three supplements a try if you haven’t already and you will know exactly what I am talking about! Use code HUNTINGFIT for 25% off your order of $39.95 or more (note: product packaged deals are already discounted so the code will not work on those. It will only work on individual products).

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