Hunting and Fitness Q&A with Lindsay Persico

September 19, 2015 — 1 Comment


The second installment of the Hunting and Fitness Q&A is with Lindsay Persico. If you don’t know who Lindsay is, here is a quick bio:

Lindsay lives in Montana where she pursues her love of hunting and all aspects of outdoor life. Canning, processing game, hiking, shooting, photography, videography and camping are just some of the interests she finds herself enjoying. She has been blessed to be able to take many animals in both Idaho and Montana including white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, bear, cougar, antelope, coyote, turkey and multiple species of small game. She started her blog ( because she wanted to share her love and experiences with others and show the world that a regular girl can be an avid and successful hunter on public land. Her stories have been shared on “Camo is the New Black”, “Rack’D Up Outdoors”, “Citizen Sportsman”, “Backcountry Hunters and Anglers” and The Montana Wilderness Association page as well as a podcast episode airing soon from Whitetail Rendezvous. She is a content writer for Earned- the DIY Journal, Pro Staff for Rack’D Up Outdoors, and an affiliate for Dachstein Boots. Her love of hunting began as a little girl as she watched her dad head out on hunting trips and later packed her own gear along and headed out with him. He taught her so much and really helped her develop her love for wildlife and the outdoors. Years later, she is now blessed to have a husband and kids who share her passion and pursue it with her.

When did you first get started hunting? When did you first realize that you loved hunting?

I got my introduction to hunting as a small child when my Dad brought me along on his hunting adventures. I remember, even as a 6 year old, how much of an impact the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors had on me. I loved to be out there and went every time I had a chance.

What are the primary reasons for why you hunt?

I guess not hunting has never crossed my mind. Even if I had no tangible reason to do it I still would. It is a part of me and the primary reasons I do it would be for food, mental and physical health, family memories and simply the adventure of it all.

What role does fitness play in your hunting preparation?

I have always enjoyed seeking a stronger version of myself and even in the most difficult times of that journey, the motivation that would push me out the door would be the thoughts of the mountains I would be climbing in pursuit of game that season. I never wanted to miss a chance or opportunity simply because I was not strong enough.

How do you train for your upcoming hunts?

My most recent training has been a combination of daily uphill wind sprinting and simple muscle building exercises such as pull ups, pushups, curls and such. I try to work all the muscle groups a couple times a week.

What is the greatest asset you have with regard to hunting?

My 17 years of experience coupled with my passion for the outdoors would have to be my greatest asset.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is new to hunting?

Just enjoy the ride. It takes a long time to find what works best for you but that process is what it is all about and that is where you will make your memories. Also, find someone who is a successful hunter and learn from them. Hunters usually love to pass on their hard earned wisdom to help another hunter develop that passion.

If you would like to follow Lindsay, check her website out:

Also, follow her on social media:

Twitter: @HuntFiber

Instagram: @huntfiber

Facebook: Hunt Fiber

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