Hunting and Fitness Q&A with CamoCandace (@CamoCandace)

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The newest addition to the Hunting and Fitness Q&A series is CamoCandace.

Tell everyone a little about yourself, your experience, and your passions.

I am a woman, wife, & warrior with a passion for the outdoors that has led me on many adventures. My name is Candace, I am 31 years old and I live for the journey and experience of the hunt; the sunrises, sunsets, and every moment Mother Nature squeezes in between. Hunting and fishing are not just hobbies, it is our lifestyle; we feed our family with these passions and knowing the hard work and excitement that was poured into that dinner on the table is priceless. I am primarily a bowhunter and love the challenge it creates. I love the conservation and management of the herd, managing the land for future generations, and educating others on why hunting is necessary.

My experience in the hunting ‘industry’ is minimal. After a few bad experiences and lessons learned, I have been blessed to find great organizations to be a part of and write for like the Sportsmen’s Alliance & Huntress Life. I also spend time connecting personally with others through social media and sharing my experiences and advice with others. The relationships built there have been overwhelmingly rewarding and for that I am grateful.

When did you first get started hunting? When did you first realize that you loved hunting?

I grew up fishing since I was 3, using guns with my dad, and hunting spiders and snakes with my childhood friends so my love for the outdoors has been around since I was young, but full time hunting started years later when I met my husband. The love for it has grown into a healthy addiction that I share with my husband that consumes our lives.  

What are the primary reasons for why you hunt?

Filling our freezers and our family’s freezers will always be the top reason I hunt but the conservation, adventure, education, relaxation, closeness to God, and freedom from the everyday chaos are all tied for a close second. There will always be a desire to push harder & challenge myself and hunting provides that for me.

What role does fitness play in your hunting preparation?

Fitness and nutrition are vital roles in hunting preparation and require constant dedication. Luckily there is year round hunting in Texas for hogs and varmints so even after deer and turkey seasons, I have constant motivation to stay fit and healthy. Although I am human and slack off at times, I try to maintain a regular exercise routine 3-6 times a week and eat as clean and healthy as possible.

How do you train for your upcoming hunts?

Although I exercise year round, I will switch up my routines as specific hunts approach. A few months before our trips to Colorado I increase my cardio, integrate my weighted vest more, and push myself to prepare for the high altitude and miles of hiking.

What is the greatest asset you have with regard to hunting?

Although a healthy strong body is paramount to my hunting lifestyle, I believe confidence is one of the greatest assets to have. I know when I am confident in my gear, my preparation, and my abilities I am successful; however when that confidence fades after a bad practice session or failed shot it affects everything for me. I am a writer and a thinker and a bruised confidence can destroy my mindset.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is new to hunting?

Immerse yourself in learning about every facet of hunting. Experience can only happen over time but everyone can read, educate, ask questions, join legitimate organizations, and connect with others. Learning about moral and ethical hunting and conservation will prove beneficial in your own personal development. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we have all failed!

Is there any other info you would like to share?

For seasoned and rookie hunters, never let anyone tell you that your kill isn’t an achievement. Any hunter who is hunting legally, morally, and ethically should be proud of any and every kill regardless of weapon, style, or ability. Every state and landscape calls for different methods of hunting and shouldn’t be judged. In the same breath, as I mentioned for new hunters, lack of education will never be an excuse for anything. The information is available and learning about true management, deer growth and cycles, and all aspects of the hunt year round should be considered.


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