Why I Don’t Write Daily Workouts for Hunting Fit

September 26, 2015 — Leave a comment


People have asked me if Hunting Fit is a place to come to get daily workouts for hunting prep. While there were a few weeks in which I did post some daily workouts to get ready for opening day of elk season, for the most part Hunting Fit does not publish workouts to be done on a daily basis. There have been some hunting specific workouts that I have developed in order to train for a specific aspect of hunting (Bowhunting, Waterfowl, Posterior Chain, Backpacking, etc.), however these were not meant to be daily workouts but were instead meant to be implemented into an existing workout regimen. It might seem strange to not find daily workouts since one would expect to come to a fitness resource in order to find workouts, right? However, I have a different approach to fitness and hunting than most. Here 3 reasons why you will not find daily workouts on Hunting Fit.

It’s About Learning

Hunting Fit is not about consuming, it is about learning. The articles that I write for this site are for your long-term benefit, not just for daily consumption. I am a teacher at heart and I care far more about helping you to grow and learn than I do about merely producing content. I want you to learn how to workout so that you can develop a fitness regimen that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. A one-size fits all approach to training is ludicrous. You need to know the science behind training before you implement the mechanics of training. Only then can you truly make the most of your training efforts. If you give a person a workout, you’ll train him or her for a day; If you teach a person to workout, he or she will train for life.

It’s Not About Money

There are quite a few sites that give you daily workouts for a reasonable price (and there is nothing wrong with that); However, Hunting Fit is not one of those sites. This site does not exist to make money. In fact, I have not made any profit from this site. None. The cost of running the site is well beyond the revenue this site has generated. It is not about the profit; it is about helping every reader reach his or her full potential. For this reason, I will not monetize your ability to learn. Instead, the content on Hunting Fit will always be free.

It’s About More Than Just Fitness

Hunting Fit is not just about fitness; it is about a lifestyle of health and hunting. Health is so much more than just fitness. Complete health encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Also, preparation for hunting involves much more than just fitness (although fitness is crucial). Hunting Fit incorporates training, nutrition, supplements, gear, fitness apparel, motivation, and other factors to give you the most information possible. For these reasons, Hunting Fit is about more than just fitness; it is about becoming the most well-rounded, healthy, proficient hunter you can possibly be.

If you want a workout, you can find that just about anywhere. Hunting Fit will always be focused on empowering you to make your own workouts. Take some time to browse through recent articles, check out the categories on the right sidebar, and spend some time learning.

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