Gear Review: Eddie Bauer Mabton Flats Vest

November 4, 2015 — Leave a comment
Photo Credit: Eddie Bauer

Photo Credit: Eddie Bauer

A good upland vest is worth its weight in gold. Having a lot of features might seem like overkill to some, but as is often the case, you don’t need what you need until you need it. When you do need it, nothing is worse than not having it and trying to make do. The Mabton Flats Vest by Eddie Bauer is a feature-laden vest that is worth the cost of admission. If you spend more than a morning or two wingshooting, you need to give this vest a serious look.

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Interior GPS/transmitter pocket on both sides


If you hunt with dogs, chances are you have a transmitter. If you hunt in wide open country, you likely have a GPS transmitter. Some of you might even carry both. If any of these statements describe you, then the Mabton Flats Vest is a great option because of its dual transmitter pockets (one in each shell pocket). The tuck in flaps of the shell pockets allow for quick access to your transmitter/receiver

Vented interior panels and pockets


The interior panels are vented and breathable. There are also a ton of pockets on the inside of this vest for whatever you need to store. An open interior chest pocket, flap closure pocket, and zippered chest pocket give you plenty of options for storing items in the inside of the vest.

Coated, nylon–lined bellows game bag


Their is enough room in the back of this vest for your limit of whatever you are going after. A small vest game pocket is fine when you are shooting quail or dove, but if you have ever shot a pair of pheasants and maxed out the real estate of your game pocket then you know the value of having more than enough room. The coated, nylon panels make for a durable pocket while the zippered attachment and snap closures ensure simultaneous security and ease of access.

Shell pockets with tuck–in flaps for quick access


I like to carry quite a few shells as I would rather have too much than not enough. If I am hiking a lot while chasing birds, I do not want to have to run back to the truck to restock on shells. The shell pockets on the Mabton are deep with plenty of room for as many shells as you want to carry; the tuck in flaps make access very easy.

Performance Fit

The fit of the vest is great. It is open enough to not restrict range of motion while contouring to your torso well-enough to not create excess bulk. The jacket is heavier than most due to the DWR and CORDURA® nylon, but the fit allows the weight to properly disperse across your shoulders so that it does not weigh you down (even when full of shells, transmitters, and birds).

You may look at an upland vest as a small piece of gear that does not need to be fancy. But if you have spent any amount of time wingshooting then you can see the potential that a piece like this has for your future upland endeavors. Check it out at

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