Vortex Optics – 4 Reasons Why I Use Vortex

November 7, 2015 — 2 Comments


The hunting industry is booming in every way imaginable right now. More and more companies are getting their foot in the door to try and take as much market share as they can while the gettin’ is good. This has caused a lot of noise when it comes to which companies are good companies with great products and which companies are just playing the part for as long as possible. While the world of optics has been a little less affected by this, it has been affected nonetheless. I have been in desperate need of new optics across the board so I started looking into which company I was going to give my money to in return for some decent optics.

As I looked at different companies, the high-end European companies were just out of the question; I just do not have that kind of money. I looked at some of the American companies with long histories and was impressed, but there were still a few things lacking, whether it be a personal touch to customer service, a decent warranty, etc.

Here are the reasons why I landed on Vortex.

V.I.P. Warranty

Vortex has the best warranty in the industry. Period. It is so good in fact that many of the other optics companies have tried to create their own version of it. Vortex’s VIP warranty states that no matter what happens to your optics they will take care of it. No questions, no issues. If you drive over your spotting scope with your truck, they’ll send you a new one. If your dog eats your Razor binoculars, they’ll send you new ones. You’re not the original owner? Doesn’t matter. Can’t find your proof of purchase? Doesn’t matter. That product has been discontinued? Doesn’t matter. It is just hands-down the best warranty in the industry.


You can’t beat the quality of Vortex products. You can find comparable quality, but you can’t beat it… especially when you consider the cost of Vortex products compared to their more expensive competitors. Whether you hold a pair of Viper binos, use a Razor spotting scope, or adjust a Diamondback riflescope, you can tell that all of Vortex’s products have been well-built.


Let’s be honest: For most of us, this is the most important factor right here. Vortex has made sure that the amount you pay for your optics is not so much that it makes them unattainable. Instead, their products are very reasonably priced for the level of quality that you get. Even their lower cost products are capable of competing with higher priced competition.

Keeping it Small

Vortex is an American, family-owned and operated company that maintains a small business feel. The first time I called Vortex I was treated well. The second time I called I was remembered and treated as a regular on a first name basis. I was treated like I mattered, even though Vortex would do just fine without me. That is the kind of the thing that will keep me coming back.

You have to choose the products and brands that you will use just like I had to choose for myself. My hope is that the info in this post leads you to give serious consideration to Vortex Optics because it is a great company run by great people and they make great products. I’ll be posting reviews and content related to the products I use in the near future.

2 responses to Vortex Optics – 4 Reasons Why I Use Vortex


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    Vortex optics has enhanced our hunting experience in so many ways and has never let us down. We are fans for life!



    I am glad you brought up affordability as a factor. It is true, I love hunting, but without coming broke while doing it. I’ll have to look into getting myself a pair of vortex optics. Lower cost and high-quality binoculars are good enough reasons for anyone to try a pair of these Vortex binoculars.


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