Gear Review: Weston Slow Cooker and Dehydrators

December 5, 2015 — Leave a comment


We put so much time and effort into researching gear for the hunt and often give very little thought to what we will do with the meat we bring home after the hunt. When it comes to food processing, prep, and cooking, you want to use products that are going to last while also doing their intended job well. I spent a few years getting by with cheap stuff only to be disappointed with the finished product and looking to replace my cheap food processing gear.

I recently received a few Weston products that I wanted to review for all of you so that you could know the quality and benefit of Weston’s line of products. I love Weston products and I think that once you use their stuff, you will too.

Realtree 8 Quart Slow Cooker


Let’s be honest… There is not a lot to a slow cooker. What makes or breaks the quality of a slow cooker is both the thickness of the ceramic inner and the lid’s ability to seal in heat. The Weston 8 qt slow cooker features a decently thick ceramic interior and utilizes a rubber strap that tightens across the lid for a seal, well-insulated cooking process. There is also a tight vent hole on the top to prevent pressure from building inside the cooker. As with most slow cookers, there are 4 settings – Off, Warm, Low, and High.


But the real feature that sets this slow cooker apart from other slow cookers is the Realtree camo pattern. Obviously, you wont be taking this into the forest with you while hunting so the camo isn’t necessary; but for someone who has made hunting a lifestyle as opposed to just a hobby, having a slow cooker that represents the wild game meat that will be cooked inside of it is a good addition to any kitchen.

For me, this slow cooker is the perfect addition to our outdoor kitchen. When we go camping in our trailer and want an easy warm meal, this slow cooker will absolutely do the job.


6 Tray Digital Dehydrator


I have been using a basic dehydrator for a few years and it does the job, but not as well as I would like. The six tray digital dehydrator from Weston is really picked up the slack that my old dehydrator left. The finish of the product is great and it looks sharp in any kitchen thanks to the stainless/black appearance. It also breaks down easily for quickly, hassle-free cleaning.


The digital thermostat and timer are great for precise cooking. Just set the temp and the time and walk away. Once the time is up, the dehydrator will shut off until you are able to come check and see if more time is needed. The selectable thermostat is great for when you prefer your jerky to have a specific texture—just adjust the temp appropriately to get the exact finish you want.


When it comes to the function of the dehydrator, the fan runs smoothly and quietly. It was pretty noisy when I first started it up, but upon inspection I noticed that the motor was dry and just needed some grease. Once that was taken care of, it hummed (see video below).

Heat travels up the center of the trays through an integrated corridor that is then dispersed evenly as it reaches the top through the hood design of the top tray. I found that my jerky cooked pretty evenly throughout.

If you are looking for some food prep and cooking products, take a good look at the products Weston has to offer. The Weston name has been established as one of the best in the industry and you really can’t go wrong with any of their products. Be on the lookout for more reviews of Weston products in the coming months.


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