Q&A Session – Submit Questions

December 16, 2015 — 3 Comments


In the coming weeks, Hunting Fit will feature a Q&A session in which I respond to hunting and fitness related questions. Ask any question you’d like and if your question is among the ones picked, it will be featured in the Q&A article. Ask via email, comment below, or ask through the Hunting Fit Twitter and Facebook feeds. Just make sure you ask… You can’t get answers if you don’t ask.

3 responses to Q&A Session – Submit Questions


    My compound bow is now ~15 years old. Is a $1K+ bow today really that much better from an accuracy perspective than what I paid $250 for around 2000?



    Dovetailing off last question. I have an Elite Bow from 2010. At what point should I consider a new string? What are benefits to getting new string?


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