Field and Stream Names Mathews Halon Best in Show from 2016 ATA

January 15, 2016 — Leave a comment


Field and Stream recently released their top picks of new bows for 2016. There is no doubt going to be more testing and reviews done before their annual compound bow shootout this summer, but based on initial observations and shooting of the bow, Field and Stream has some impressive things to say. Here is what they said:

Best in Show: Mathews Halon

It was a squeaker (see “Best Speed Bow” below), but we are giving top honors the Halon, for a several reasons. First, nobody expected the company that made its considerable reputation on single-cam technology to come out with a dual-cam speed bow. That’s bold, and we like boldness. Second, the Halon is a heck of a nice-shooting bow. We shot the 6-inch-brace-height version, which has an IBO of 345. (The 5-inch version is 353!) Yet it did not feel like a speed bow; the draw cycle is surprisingly smooth and easy, and the bow is very dead in the hand. Third, we think the Halon’s stiff, beefy riser will minimize torque and make for consistent accuracy on the range and in the field. Finally, it’s one of the best-looking bows we saw in Louisville. In short, what else do you want? $1,099;

As I mentioned in a previous article, the Halon is a lights out bow. So far, there is nothing not to like about it and plenty to be excited about. I am very glad that I chose to shoot the Halon for this year. If you are looking for a new bow this year, you would be foolish to not at least give the Halon a hard look.

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