New Product: Vortex Defender Flip Caps

January 16, 2016 — 2 Comments


Vortex takes riflescope lens protection to another level with their new Defender Flip caps. High-quality components and purpose-specific materials deliver stand-out durability—a welcome attribute for shooters who have been searching for a better option.

Super-stout stainless steel spring and pin guarantees operational reliability. Eyepiece covers boast three stop positions. Vertical stop is ideal for use with one of Vortex’s all-new Dope Disks.

The optional Dope Disk is fully customizable with user-specific ballistic data and fits directly into the eyepiece cap. Provides ultra-convenient access and viewing of drop numbers from the shooting position. 45-degree stop offers a secondary viewing position. Pushed all the way forward, the 270-degree stop lays flat and locks out of the way. Objective caps have two stops and lock flat out of the way as well.



Proprietary rubber snugly fits a wide range of eyepiece and objective diameters for ultimate versatility and simplifies model selection for users, as well as dealers.

Protect your riflescope’s optics from the elements, keep them free of debris and make lost and broken flip caps a thing of the past with Vortex’s Defender series.


  • Eyepiece (Fits outside diameter: 40-46 mm | 1.57-1.81 inches)
  • O-44 (Fits outside objective outside diameter: 48-53 mm | 1.89-2.08 inches)
  • O-50 (Fits outside objective diameter: 0-50 | 55-59 mm | 2.16 – 2.32 inches)
  • O-56 (Fits outside objective diameter: 0-56 | 62-66 mm | 2.44 – 2.59 inches)

If you like to have a cheat sheet on your riflescope (and you should have one if you shoot long-range) this is a great and convenient way to kill two birds with one stone.

Check them out at

2 responses to New Product: Vortex Defender Flip Caps


    how do you request your round info to be printed on the cheat sheet?


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