Enough About Me…Let’s Talk About You

January 25, 2016 — 16 Comments


Hunting Fit is all about preparation. You have seen posts on here about training, gear, nutrition, and many others forms of preparation. You have also read articles about various hunts and lessons learned.

This post isn’t about any of that.

It is about you.

Hunting is just as much about the community that we build as it is the animals we pursue.

Today, I want to hear from all of you. Post in the comments below and include:

  • Your state
  • Your favorite game to pursue
  • Your weapon of choice
  • Your main reason for hunting

Let’s keep it brief, but let’s keep it fun. The more people who post, the greater community we build.

Comment below!

16 responses to Enough About Me…Let’s Talk About You


    New Mexico, Elk, Bow, and because there is no better place to spend time with my son!!



    I love to bowhunt elk in my home state of Oregon. My main reason for hunting is because I grew up in a family that hunts. So, I feel like I need to carry the tradition onto my family someday. Also, nothing else gets me more excited then hearing those bugling bulls in September. I absolutely love the outdoors.



    I hunt cause Its relaxing a challenge just being in the beautiful outdoors . Bow deer in Pa . Elk is definitely on the bucket list



      Jeff, if you have never hunted elk, it is definitely an experience that you will never forget. There are lots of opportunities out west and increasing opportunities closer to you.



    I love to bow hunt what ever I have a tag for they are all my favorite. Arizona is a great place for a bow hunter. I grew up fishing my whole life and decided to take up hunting seven years ago and it has taken me over and changed my life. It is a lifestyle for me now physically and mentally I am in the best shape of my life and feel blessed we have some of the greatest natural resources in America!



    New Mexico, elk, muzzleloader, and to fill my freezer 😉



    I currently reside in Illinois and whitetails are the primary game I pursue. Elk however is coming on strong as my favorite game I just don’t get to chase them as often. I primarily bowhunt but that is due to the longer seasons and time I can spend in the woods. I really don’t have a true preference on weapon. Truthfully, the main reason I hunt is for the meat. Everything is is just icing on the cake.



    New Mexico, from ND and we hunt because it connects us to the land, the animals, our past, and shows my daughter the cycle of nature. Ducks and Mule deer are my favorite hunts, but really i enjoy everything from squirrel to elk. I hunt with shotgun and rifle and now have just begun to bow hunt.



    Washington state. I’ll hunt anything with a bow. I’m getting back into hunting after growing up doing it. Trying to get my skills up so that I can take the legacy my grandfather passed to me and pass it on to my two boys. I grew up in rural Missouri, and my boys are growing up in urban Seattle. hunting is a common ground we can share.



    Georgia. My choice is a rifle, but the reason I like to hunt is quiet time aloan in the stand with just me and God.



    I’m a legal resident of Nevada, but currently live in Virginia as I’m in the military. My wife and I are brand new to hunting and have only hunted deer so far, but are planning to go for spring turkey this year in Virginia. We are putting a plan together to start building bonus points in Nevada and some other western states as well as Maine for moose. My wife has a crossbow, which she loves (easier than bow and no recoil like rifle). We recently bought a .308 rifle, but haven’t hunted with it yet. I am hoping to get a shotgun and a compound bow this year. I got into hunting from my love of outdoors and desire to eat healthy. One day it just hit me that you really can’t get much more organic and sustainable than hunting for your meat.


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