New Products from First Lite for 2016 – Part I – Accessories and Base Layer

February 5, 2016 — 2 Comments

First Lite is always innovating and coming out with products that are nothing like anything offered by their competition. The innovative features and perfected designs have been proven time and time again to be unparalleled in the industry. This year, First Lite is introducing some great products that I wanted to detail in a series of articles. I was able to see all of their new products in person at the SHOT Show and I am very excited to experience these products in the field this year.

Among one of the most innovative technologies being introduced by First Lite this year is AeroWool. AeroWool is a new blend of merino wool that incorporates synthetic fiber to promote increased breathability for warmer hunts. AeroWool is essential two-thirds merino wool and one-third 37.5 Cocona Activated Carbon synthetic, offering the benefits of wool and the breathability and carbon activated odor control of Cocona synthetic.

Grizzly Cold Weather Mitt


The Grizzly Cold Weather Mitt is a heavy weight, bombproof, warm hybrid mitten. It utilizes 37.5 Cocona Active Carbon technology for transporting moiture and eliminating odor. It also has a wool shearling lining which maximizes warmth for even the coldest of days. The index finger is independent from the rest of the mitt for dextrity and the wrist area has a drawcord for keeping moisture out. This is sure to be a great cold weather option.

MSRP – $150-$170

Phantom 3D Balaclava


The Phantom 3D Balaclava is a lightweight piece that is designed to mimic your environment, perfect for turkey hunters who are trying to blend in. It features a rear-locking drawcord for adjustable fit and is made of breathable mesh for those warm spring or early fall days.

MSRP – $35

Tag Cuff Beanie


The Tag Cuff Beanie is a heavy weight (250g) merino wool beanie that is intended for mid-late season hunts when the temps really drop. It is constructed with heavyweight interlock fabric for durability. If you found their original merino beanie to not be quite warm enough, this one should satisfy your needs.

MSRP – $35-$40

Brambler HD Gaiter

BRAMBLER HD Gaiters Fusion

The Brambler HD Gaiter is made of the same construction as the Grizzly Mitt so it is as durable as possible for the most extreme field conditions. It utilizes 37.5 Cocona Active Carbon technology for moisture and odor regulation. It utilizes a ballistic nylon kick patch as well as an adjustable calf strap. It is designed for hunters who are pushing through deep snow or crossing water, giving the best protection possible.

MSRP – $90-$100

Tundra Balaclava


The Tundra Balaclava is First Lite’s answer to the coldest weather possible. It is a heavy weight (400g) merino piece that utilizes interlock fabric for durability. It also utilizes 37.5 Cocona synthetic fabric in various areas of the garment to improve moisture neutralization. It is essentailly a hybrid head/face cover garment that gives you the best of merino while also offering the benefits of treated synthetic.

MSRP – $49

Glenbrook 3/4 Bottom – AeroWool


The Glenbrook 3/4 Bottom is a base layer piece that is constructed of the new AeroWool technology from First Lite. It is intended for use by hunters who need a functional base layer that also regulates temperature exceptionally well during times of high activity. AeroWool mesh vent panels promote ventilation and thermal regulation throughout use. This is a perfect compliment to the lightweight pants offered by First Lite (Kanab 2.0 and Corrugate Guide Pants) on cooler mornings that are sure to bring high activity.

MSRP – $100-$110

Dobson Boxer – AeroWool


The Dobson Boxer is much like the Glenwood 3/4 in that it is constructed of the new AeroWool technology from First Lite. It utilizes AeroWool mesh vent panels promote ventilation and thermal regulation throughout use. These are a great alternative for hunts in which the weather is too warm for even the Red Desert Boxers (think early season antelope and whitetail).

MSRP – $35-$45

More to Come!

There are so many great products coming out from First Lite this year that they would not all fit into one article!

Be on the lookout for more new products from First Lite in the next few days.

2 responses to New Products from First Lite for 2016 – Part I – Accessories and Base Layer


    One thing of note, the Grizzly will allow all four fingers to be together in the larger mit portion for greater warmth. That helps when you may just be sitting and don’t need the index finger dexterity separate. FL mentioned it in response to a question on their Facebook page.



    Also, I wish the Phantom would be available for spring turkey this year. I just bought a full of gear in their tag soup sale to get started with turkey this spring.


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