New Products from First Lite for 2016 – Part II – Outerwear and Layering

February 13, 2016 — 2 Comments

We’ve already seen Part I of the new products from First Lite. This is Part II.

First Lite’s outerwear has always been innovative, functional, and well-tested. First Lite does not sell anything that does not meet a specific function and everything they make meets its intended function very well.

For 2016, First Lite is introducing some great products that I was able to spend some time with at the SHOT Show and I am very excited for them to be released this summer.

Here is a rundown of the new outerwear and layering products for 2016:

Phantom 3D Jacket


The Phantom 3D is only available in Fusion and incorporates a leafy 3D pattern outer with a Fusion pattern mesh backing layer. The interior storage pockets also double asĀ storage for packability. It is very lightweight (9.1 oz) and will be a great extra piece to carry for when you need extra concealment.

MSRP – $100

Cirrus Puffy


The Cirrus Puffy really rounds out First Lite’s insulation options. Before 2016, the Uncompahgre Puffy and vest were the only insulation layer options, but now with the Cirrus, there is a hoodless option. The Cirrus uses similar synthetic fill to the Uncompahgre, but with less fill material so that it is more compressible under a soft-shell. It weighs in at only 13.5 oz and utilizes 37.5 Cocona active carbon technology to keep you dry and odor free.

MSRP – $175-$200

Wilkin QZ – AeroWool


The Wilkin QZ is a new piece that utilizes First Lite’s new AeroWool (combination of merino wool and 37.5 Cocona synthetic). This piece is intended to be worn as a second layer or even as a base layer when extra ventilation is needed on warm hunts. With the moisture wicking and drying capabilities of synthetic combined with the qualities of merino wool, the Wilkin QZ is sure to be a winner.

MSRP – $95-$110

Minaret Crew – AeroWool


The Minaret Crew is the base layer option for those who want all of the benefits of AeroWool in a next to skin piece. It is a lightweight piece (145g merino) and features the same merino/37.5 Cocona synthetic combination as the Wilkin QZ (above). If you need superior breathability and moisture control, this is a great option for your next to skin layer.

MSRP – $85-$100

Woodbury Jacket


One of the most anticipated jackets from First Lite is the Woodbury. Intended to be used as a mid-season whitetail jacket (but certainly not limited to that) the Woodbury utilizes the same face fabric as the Sanctuary Jacket, but with less fill material so it is not as heavy or as warm – intended for temps of 50 degrees and below. It features a grunt tube pouch for quick access, a tree harness pass-through slit and webbing loops on the chest for a range finder and other calls for quick access. This jacket will definitely wind up being the go-to jacket for whitetail, waterfowl, and late season elk hunters alike.

MSRP – $325

Alturas Guide Pant (Women’s)


The Women’s Alturas Guide Pant essentially the Corrugate Guide Pant for women. It has a very similar feel and durable face fabric. The Alturas has integrated loops for suspenders and 3D cargo pockets. It is an all-day, comfortable, durable hunting pant for women.

MSRP – $140-160

Vapor StormLight Jacket


The Vapor Stormlight Jacket is a lightweight (12 oz), breathable (42k), waterproof (30k) packable rain jacket. It features 37.5 Cocona to keep you dry and odor free. It also incorporates 3D Turret hood construction for maximum field of view. For the hunter looking for a lightweight rain layer for when the weather turns, this is your piece.

MSRP – $275-$300

SEAK StormTight Jacket


The SEAK Stromtight Jacket is the big brother of the Vapor Stormlight (above). It is made of 3.5-layer construction so it is ultra-durable. It is heavier than the Stormlight (23 oz vs. 12 oz) and slightly less breathable (38k vs. 42k), but also more water-resistant (35k vs. 30k). Just like the Vapor, it features 37.5 Cocona andĀ incorporates 3D Turret hood construction for maximum field of view. This is the rain jacket for someone who is going to be in constantly wet environments (Alaska, British Columbia, etc.) or will be brush-busting in the rain.

MSRP – $400-$425

Don’t Be Late to the Party!

This year has shown some fantastic options from First Lite. They should be available early this summer, but will likely sell out quickly and be backordered before hunting seasons begin. Keep an eye out for when orders begin being accepted so that you can get your orders in early enough.

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    Will there be a pre-order option? And when?


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