4 Reasons Why Not Getting Enough Sleep is Hurting Your Chances this Fall

March 13, 2016 — Leave a comment


Rest is absolutely essential to training and recovery. Taking at least one day per week to rest from exercising is essential to proper recovery. However, sleep is essential every single night. Getting between 8-9 hours of sleep offers whole-body benefits that are good for mind and body.

Getting enough sleep might just be the difference between filling your tag this fall or not too.

Here are 4 reason why not getting enough sleep could totally derail your season:

Reduced Judgement

Research has shown that not getting enough sleep affects your ability to make sound decisions when reward is on the line. This means that planning out training schedules, choosing nutrition strategies, and deciding when to put on that stalk for the buck or bull you’ve been watching will all be negatively affected by not getting enough sleep. Don’t make a bad decision that blows your season because you didn’t get enough sleep.

Reduced Emotional Stability

When you don’t get enough sleep, your emotional stability is negatively affected. You are not able to keep you cool under stress and you are not able to respond appropriately when others need emotional support. How does this affect hunting? Hunting is an emotional experience. You experience pure excitement, incredible let-down, heartbreaking disappointment, and overwhelming elation… possibly all within a few hours. You need to have the emotional stability to handle all of that well and maintain focus in order to fill your tag.

Reduced Recovery

Recovery is also negatively affected when you don’t get enough sleep. While you sleep, your body engages in crucial recovery processes; without these processes completing, you will be more fatigued and will tire more easily. Have you ever reached the point of just flat out running out of gas? If you don’t get enough sleep, you will reach that point much sooner and it might mean the difference between closing the distance on a bull or going home empty handed.

Reduced Focus

Focus is involved in every aspect of hunting. You have to be mentally dialed in at all times. A moment of lost focus and you might miss that buck of a lifetime. When you don’t get enough rest, your focus diminishes and you are more easily distracted.

Getting plenty of sleep is absolutely essentially to having success during hunting season. Sleep now and sleep later. Get plenty of sleep each night to ensure that your training efforts are maximized as well as your chances of filling your tag.

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