Do You Like Achieving Goals? Check Out the Super 10

April 4, 2016 — 1 Comment
Photo Credit: Donald M Jones

Photo Credit: Donald M Jones

Hunters are goal-oriented people by nature. This is no surprise to anyone. We thrive in an environment in which there is a tangible, visible goal that can be achieved. Harvesting any animal is one such goal. But there can come a point for some in which filling a tag is not enough. They need to be challenged more and need something greater to strive for.

Have you heard of a Super Slam? It is a life-long quest to harvest one of each of the 29 big-game species in North America. It is a lofty goal that very few have achieved. It is also practically impossible to complete for anyone who is not either independently wealthy or privately sponsored given the incredibly high cost of some of the hunts required (Stone Sheep… Need I say more?).

Is there a more doable option? Yes, there is. Enter the Super Ten.

The Super Ten is based on the same principal as the Super Slam, however it is a more concise and feasible goal for many of us. To complete a Super Ten, you must harvest and register an animal from each one of ten species groups (Bears, Cats, Deer, Elk, Caribou, Bison/Muskox, Moose, Goat, Antelope, Sheep).

Since you are going after one animal from each group, it becomes much more doable (i.e., harvest a black bear and the bear category is crossed off). In fact, for many of us, it is possible to get nearly half-way (or more than half-way) to the goal without ever leaving your home state! I live in New Mexico and we have Elk, Deer, Bears, Sheep, Cougars, Antelope, and Bison – That’s 70% of the way there if I draw out for those hunts.

This is a very doable goal – No, not doable in the next year or two; however, it is very doable over the course of a decade or two. Hunting is not just about the here and now. It is about conservation which transcends the here and now. It is about memories that last much longer than a year. It is about experiencing all that God has created and enjoying it. A goal like the Super Ten is a great goal to try and achieve and it will yield experiences and memories that you would never have had if you had not tried for it.

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