Bored Yet? Here are Creative Training Options

April 8, 2016 — Leave a comment


Monotony and boredom are the enemies of success. When you get bored, you lose discipling and motivation. When the gym has lost its appeal and the last thing you want to do at home is workout, it is time to get creative and find other ways of training in order to keep your body guessing and keep your training progressing. Here are a few creative ways to improve your fitness:

Ride A Bike

Photo Credit: Boston Biking

Photo Credit: Boston Biking

Riding a bike does wonders for muscle endurance and strength in your lower body. It also increases cardiovascular endurance (and it saves gas!). I will put my kids in a trailer behind my bike (which adds 50 lbs) and ride the hills in my neighborhood. It is a great workout and my kids love it. I also ride to the gym in order to get some extra cardio time (plus, I can’t make excuses. If I don’t want to do the cardio, I won’t make it home). You can ride to work, ride to the store, or just ride some trails. No matter what, it is fun and different.

Go on a Hike

Photo Credit: Fitday

Photo Credit: Fitday

If you are only hiking when you hunt, you are wrong. Hiking is a great way to a great workout. Bring your hunting pack, put some gear in it to weigh it down, and go for a hike. Enjoy the summer weather and get a workout at the same time. Some of my favorite memories (and most intense workouts) have come while on a hike.

Burn Some Rubber

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Old truck and tractor tires are junk to many… But useful tools to the fit hunter. Tires can be used for a vast array of workouts that can really supercharge your fitness level. From flipping tires to box jumps to incline push-ups, a tire can be a very versatile, useful piece of equipment. Your gym may have some and if they don’t, tire shops will usually give them away. Just make sure you are completely warmed up before flipping a tire in order to avoid injury.

Pound It Out

Photo Credit: Men's Fitness

Photo Credit: Men’s Fitness

Continuing the tire theme, a sledgehammer and a tractor tire go very well together. The involvement of core muscles in swinging a sledgehammer is insane. You can get a great core and cardio workout using a sledgehammer on a tire (and you can get a lot of stress out, which is also a plus for your health).

Run Off The Beaten Path

uneven terrain

Running on flat asphalt is methodical and rhythmic. Running on uneven terrain, through hillsides, across sand, and through the wilderness is an adventure and is much harder (and more rewarding). If your routine is boring, get out and run somewhere with no pavement and no street lights. Go out in the forest or on the beach or out in the desert. Just get out and run!

You can try any of these at any point, or come up with your own creative workouts. Either way, working out should be fun and should all be intended for the same goal: increased fitness and health for increased success in the field.

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