Gear You Should Consider Upgrading in the Offseason

April 14, 2016 — 2 Comments

Any of These Resemble Your Gear?

If you’re not turkey hunting or lucky enough to have a bear tag in your pocket then you’re probably starting to really wonder what to do with all your free time and money.  Below I give you a few links to follow that may just help you with your excess problems.  One article gives you some key items that if you are going to spend some coin and upgrade something in your cache, then you’ll want to look long and hard at these items.   For those of you just starting off and need some ideas on what gear to buy or if you haven’t upgraded in a while there is an article that will give you a great starting point and also calls out some of the latest and greatest manufacturers.  And for you guys and gals out there that hate spending money or have already made the choice to upgrade there as some tips on how to take care of your existing items so they will last for years to come. Enjoy!

Here are some suggestions on equipment you should upgrade this off season.  I haven’t made all of these yet, but I certainly agree if you are going to upgrade these are some very important items to consider.

The guys at goHunt give you some ideas on where to start for quality gear for the aspiring backpack hunter or some of the latest manufactures for you seasoned guys who haven’t anteed up in a while.

For the back country hunter here are some must do’s to ensure your existing camping gear is ready to go come this fall.  Doing these things could save you some cash in replacement costs.

I will add that I didn’t see any recommendations to upgrade or replace your old boots.  Now would be the optimal time to get a new pair and have them broken in well before the season starts.  There is little that will end a hunt or make it more miserable than sore, blistered feet.

2 responses to Gear You Should Consider Upgrading in the Offseason


    Boots are so key and beginner hikers, hunters, etc always underestimate the importance of well broken in boots.




      I agree. People often don’t realize how long or under what conditions boots should be broken in. Just walking around the yard on flat surfaces doesn’t simulate the conditions your feet and boots will encounter when climbing and descending!



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