Family Involvement

April 15, 2016 — Leave a comment


We’re all busy and trying to get our exercise in can be tough with some of the other things we enjoy in life. One of the biggest joys we can ever have is spending time with our family.  So why not combine the two?  You’ll be spending time with your spouse/kids, bettering everyone’s health, and instilling some habits in your young ones that they hopefully maintain throughout life.  Does it get any better?  Some of the easier options are to take them along with you to the woods.  Whether it be mushroom hunting, shed hunting, scouting, hanging tree stands, whatever gets them and you out and active.

Family Mushroom Hunting

There are other options too though. One really cool experience for me this year was having them participate in a charity 5K with me.  There was a fun run for the kids that my girls were totally hyped about for weeks.  Then to top it off my oldest decided she was going to run the 5K that day too.  I was skeptical as she is only 7 but she finished and much faster than I had imagined.  Lesson learned, don’t underestimate your kids!  I couldn’t have been any more proud of her.  They were tickled to be “getting ready for hunting season” with their dad and I got to spend the morning with them doing something fun for all.  Aside from the health benefits it showed them that we have to work hard if we want something in life and also it was a charity event so they see the importance of giving back.

Girls and Dad

When planning family vacations look for places that offer hiking opportunities outside of your local geographical area. This changes the scenery and unique experiences will stay with them longer than you think.  Plus there can be some really cool pots of gold at the end of the rainbow such as a particular hike we took near Gatlinburg, TN that ended with an amazing waterfall and natural wading pool.  Then there was the hike we took to a secret fishing hole in Arkansas where both me and my daughter caught our first small mouth bass.

So mix it up, show them fitness is important, keep yourself in hunting shape, and most of all enjoy your time with the whole family!

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