Motivation for the Offseason

April 18, 2016 — Leave a comment



Fire 1

Now Is the Time to Get Better (Photo Courtesy of Tim Brignac)


With hunting season seemingly so far away keeping your eye on the prize and maintaining focus can be difficult. Sure you’re getting some work outs in but are you pushing yourself as hard as you should so that you’ll be ready come fall?  If you need some more timely motivation consider some of the relatively new competitions that have come about.  Some of the more popular ones I have noticed include:

Spartan ( )

Battlefrog ( )

Train to Hunt ( )

Tough Mudder ( )

Savage Race ( )


Check the Schedules for the Previously Mentioned Events and Get Your Hunting Buddies Together for the Weekend.  Pour Over some Maps While You’re at It! (Photo Courtesy of Time Brignac)


I’m sure there are others but these are the ones I am more familiar with. They vary in distances and difficulty but all include various obstacles that will test both your mental and physical abilities.  My hunting partners recently competed in a race in Houston and absolutely loved it.  It gave them a goal to train for in the near future as opposed to something 6+ months away.  It allowed them to step up their regimens and make some very noticeable gains.  Also, from a mental standpoint, come October while battling mother nature in the Rockies they will have this experience to fall back on.   It will give them some positive reinforcement and confidence that they can make it through those deadfalls and over the next ridge to bag that elk.

If you Want to Be in the Above Pictures then You’ve Got to Be Prepared.  This Offseason is Your Chance to be Better.

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