Spring Bear Tips

April 25, 2016 — 4 Comments

Still Want to Go Bear Hunting?!?!?  (Photo Courtesy of  firstpeople.us)


For those of you who are going bear hunting this Spring I am extremely jealous.  Spring time is a pretty slow time for me hunting wise and it doesn’t take much to get me envious!  So I took it upon myself to gather some good reads for those of you getting ready to take off in search of your bruin or those of us who will just be content to gain some additional knowledge and file it away to that future opportunity. 

This is a pretty fun read with some general information and interesting facts about black bears.  More educational that how too but has some good points to keep in mind while hunting.


Gourmet…for a Black Bear  (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.org)



 Some good tips on methods of hunting bears and which calibers of rifles are best suited.


Don’t be fooled by the web domain referring to long distance shooting.  This article gives you some hints on what to do if you’re not seeing any bears and also how to read bear sign.  I’ll put it this way I read some things that I was completely unaware of with regards to bears.



I Wouldn’t Want to Stand Between These Two.  There Must Be a Pretty Lady Around!  (Photo Courtesy of arkive.org)

 Calling black bears?!?!?  Oh ya, give it a read and see what you think.  Never would have guessed it but I’m not going to knock it till I’ve tried it.



Hopefully you’ll be taking these tips with you to the field this Spring and your hunt proves successful. I’m sure you’re in top physical condition so we know that won’t be a hindrance!!

4 responses to Spring Bear Tips


    I don’t have a spring bear season here in Virginia. However, I was all set to do my first spring turkey hunting and then the storms rolled in during the week I had set aside for hunting. Rained every single day.


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