Saucony Ride 8 Review

April 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

The Saucony Ride 8’s Are a Solid Choice if You’re Looking for a New Pair of Running Shoes.

I was due for a new pair of running shoes so I decided after a bit of looking around that I wanted to go with the Saucony Ride 8. I have become a fan of Saucony over the last several years with the Hurricane 16 and the Ride 7 so I was excited when my new Ride’s arrived in the mail.

Initial Thoughts

When I opened the package instantly I could tell the Saucony had made some changes to the mesh on the uppers which gives the shoes a “space age” look in my opinion. After trying them on for the first time and walking around the house I have to admit there seemed to be a new spring in my step and I asked myself why I had waited so long to get a new pair!


As I previously mentioned the mesh upper material changed from previous models but I don’t see that as being a negative or positive at this point. Saucony did add it’s Flexfilm exoskeletal support frame to the Ride 8’s which per their website delivers “unparalleled strength and comfort”.  My thoughts are it reduces the amount of material and stitching on the shoe giving it a very smooth, seamless, and comfortable fit.  After about 20 miles on the shoes the Flexfilm system has lived up to it’s promises.  One small but welcome detail I noticed is that the laces actually have some flex too them to help with a snug but not restrictive fit.


The sole on the Ride 8’s utilizes it’s popular and pre-existing Power Grid technology that has performed well in the past for me. The Power Grid technology utilizes just that, a grid system of squares sandwiched between the various layers of the stacked sole design.  I found the cushioning to be more than adequate but not too soft.  The support it gave was great for road and track running.  I can’t comment on how they would handle uneven terrain.  The outsole has a very modest tread pattern split into multiple lugs rather than a single piece.  One thing to note is that two different types of material are used on the outsole, firmer more durable at the heel and toe and more soft and cushioned in between.  I believe that gives just gives a bit more cushion where you need it and durability where it matters most.


Shown is the Outsole with The Black Tread being Firm and Durable and the Green Soft and Flexible.


Overall Thoughts

To sum up my new Ride 8’s, I am pleased with my purchase. The toe box has ample room, but I would not consider it wide.  The cushioning is definitely more than adequate and they conform to my feet very well.  I have high arches which are comfortably supported and while not the lightest shoes on the market they are certainly not the heaviest.  I use them during my strength training and they give me a stable platform to work from.  If the need would arise I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these shoes again.

(Disclaimer: I purchased these shoes out of my own piggy bank due to the need for a fresh pair of running shoes.  I receive no compensation regardless of whether you purchase the shoes or not.  I just wanted to give you an honest look at my thoughts on the shoes.)

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