What’s Your Favorite Workout?

May 5, 2016 — 2 Comments

Would This be You’re Ideal Workout?  (Photo Courtesy of demonocchiali.it)

I wanted to mix it up a bit today and try something a little different with all you HuntingFit.com readers.  Beings that fitness is something that we all have in common I figure its a great topic we can all share with each other.  Just this week someone asked if he could post a question about workouts on the site because he was getting pretty bored with his.  So rather than me do all the talking I would like to open it up to you the readers to post up your favorite daily workout.  For brevity’s sake just pick what would be an ideal day to prepare yourself physically to be a better hunter?  Of course we all work out multiple days a week and utilize various exercises but if you could only chose one day’s worth what would it be?

maverick race

Nature Makes Everything Better, Especially a Run (Photo Courtesy of maverick-race.com


I’ll get it started…It would be during the summer so there would be daylight at 5 AM.  I would take off on a 4-4.5 mile trail run to break the monotony of road running and use some of those stabilizer muscles that don’t get used on flat surfaces.  The trails would only be moderately maintained so that my ankles would get the same stresses as they would packing through the mountains.  There would have been a recent rain to muddy some of the low lying areas just enough to make me work a little bit harder to power through it.  That and my shoes and socks would be wet and muddy making things slightly uncomfortable, just like in a hunting situation.

womens health

Not Sure My Stretch Would be This Epic But We Can Dream (Photo Courtesy of Women’s Health)

Following the run I would get a really solid 15 minute stretch in to keep my muscles loose and increase my ever important flexibility.  It would be a full body stretch all the way from my calves up to my traps.


I would then jump into my weight circuit.  I like to get my lift on in the back room of my basement where there are no windows and no distractions. I would proceed with sandbag power cleans to really work my entire body and explosiveness.  Next I would follow up with one arm kettle bell jerks to continue with the full body explosiveness and really extend my movements.  Lastly I would polish off my core with Russian twists.  I would move from one exercise right into the other to not only get my strength training but continue with my cardio and conditioning.  I would do 3×10 reps of power cleans, 3×10 with each arm for the jerks, and 3×30 (15 per side) twists.


Power Cleans Tax the Whole Body and Simply Make You Feel Awesome!  (Photo Courtesy slideshare.net)

I would then mix up a chocolate Wilderness Athlete protein shake with almond milk, strawberries, blueberries, kale, and spinach.  After slamming the shake I’d do some homegrown hydrotheraphy by alternating hot and cold water in the shower and be ready to tackle the remainder of my day!

Now, what’s yours?  This should be a great way for you all to get some different insights and exercises to mix up your routines!  Scroll to the bottom of the article and “leave your reply” to share your favorite!  (Note:  It won’t post immediately as I’ll need to approve it but I will work to stay on top of these to make them available as quickly as possible.) Thanks and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

2 responses to What’s Your Favorite Workout?


    I really enjoy circuits, but it is time consuming. I do strength exercises and plyometrics, and run between sets. So I would have something like tire flips, pull ups, burpees, lunges, squats, monkey bars, box jumps, seated row, rope machine, 2 minutes on stair climber. It’s a total of about 25 exercises. Between each set I run 1/4 mile, with an occasional half mile, sometimes in an incline.


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