Kits To Keep You Hunting (or Alive!)

May 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hey, You Never Know!  (Photo Courtesy


If you’ve ever been stranded, injured out in the field, or lost then you probably already have these things within arm’s reach.  If you’ve been fortunate not to experience the helplessness of…well…being helpless then you should take a look at these four articles and consider making some additions to your gear bag.  You may never need them but they’re relatively cheap insurance to ensure you live to hunt again.

Field and Stream put together this useful and realistic list of items that you’ll want to have in your truck next time you travel to your hunting spot.  A quick trip can quickly turn in to a disaster if not prepared.

We all know we need to have a first aid kit available in the event of an emergency, but do you actually have one?  If you don’t or are considering making some improvements to your existing kit here is a very detailed list of items you’ll want depending on the duration of your trip.  They also make a few suggestions if you would rather just purchase a pre-packaged kit.

If you hunt with your favorite bird dog or love the bawling of a hound you’ll want to make sure you can take care of them too in the event they become injured.  Here is list of items that you should consider putting together next time you and man’s best friend head to the field.

Here are four expert survivalist’s opinions on what you should carry in a survival kit.  Best thing, they all cost under $50 to make.

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