Father’s Day Gift Guide – Hiking

May 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

Can You See Your Dad Here?  (Photo Courtesy of crestedbutteguides.com)


The weather is finally halfway decent out and Dad loves to mix his workouts up with some trail taming. Why not get him outfitted to hit those hiking (or running if he’s ambitious) trails with style and energy?  It could also be a great opportunity for Dad to spend some quality time with you while exposing yourselves to some of nature’s greatest views.  Below are some suggestions for an active outdoors dad geared towards a day of pounding the trails.

First Lite Llano Short Sleeve and Red Desert Boxers – S and S Archery – $61.75 for the shirt and $47.50 for the boxers (both currently qualify for free shipping)

FLLASS-2TWith temperatures warming you’ll want dear old dad to be comfortable during your hike. This shirt and underwear are perfect for helping to moderate body temperatures, are breathable, and dry quickly.  The best part is that if he does work up a good sweat the anti-microbial properties of these will ensure the bears won’t smell him coming from a mile away!





North Face Ultra 109 GTX – The North Face – $120

81IMNbOwj+L__UX575_Hiking is no fun with sore and wet feet. These Ultra 109’s are perfect to keep Daddy-O on his feet and enjoying the trail.  I have owned several pairs of these and they are bullet proof.  The toe guard is great for those lightly maintained and rugged trails and the Gore-Tex lining keeps the mud out and dad going.  I have found them to be extremely well constructed and durable.


Hunt and Harvest Mix – EPIC – Sample Pack $25

HHMixSamplePack_large[1]If you’ve been following HuntingFit.com you’ve recently read my review about EPIC bars. Well, they also make some wicked trail mixes too.  These contain real, tasty, tender cuts of meat and some very good carbs and fats to keep Dad energized, fueled, and putting one foot in front of the other.  The mixes keep the meat and other ingredients separate so everything remains as intended until you break open the unique pull a part seal and dive in.




Hydrate and Recover – Wilderness Athlete – H&R Tub $29.95 (Get 5%-10% off with Discount Code “STAFFORD”)

wilderness-athlete-hydrate_and_recover-berryblast-tub[1]Now that Dad is comfortable and nourished we don’t want him dehydrating while trying to top the next ridge. Wilderness Athlete gets him hydrated quickly and keeps him that way with their Hydrate and Recover powder.   It is contains branch chain amino acids, electrolytes, and big dose of vitamin C.  Just mix it your water bottle and away he goes.  Oh ya, and it tastes good too!






With these items your dad will look good, be comfortable, and firing on all cylinders when he hits that trail head. You may want to think about hooking yourself up too if you want to keep up!!

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