Fathers Day Gift Guide – Dove Hunting

May 19, 2016 — Leave a comment

What Dad Wouldn’t Want To Be Here?!?!?  (Photo Courtesy of staffordadventures.com)


If your Dad is like me then he’s just chomping at the bit waiting for the next hunting season to roll around.  As far as I can tell Dove season will be our next opportunity (unless he’s managed a Spring bear hunt somewhere in the immediate future).  Dove hunting is just a flat out fun time.  You don’t have to be overly quiet, scent free, up at 4 AM, or freeze your butt off.  This translates to a perfect situation for fathers and their kids to get out in the field and spend quality time in the outdoors.  If you’ve never been, the investment is pretty minimal but there are certainly a few things that you can add to your gear list that will make it just a little bit more enjoyable and successful.  Below I’ll highlight a few items you may want to consider picking up for Dad as a way of dropping a minor hint you want him to take you dove hunting!

EST-SS-Camo Wingshooter Shirt – Drake – $55.00       

Drake Shirt (3)Most likely it’s going to be warm when you’re out in Aug shooting at these fast flying feathered bullets.  So make sure and keep Dad concealed and cool with a lightweight, vented, camo shirt.  It’s got plenty of pockets to keep his license, shells, and snacks for you handy so there won’t be an delays in finding them.  Plus, the shirt looks stylish and I hear camo is in these days so you can stop for diner on the way home at your favorite 5 star restaurant.




Portable Hunting Chair – Redneck Blinds – $99.00

portable-hunting-stand-chair__largeGone are the days of Dad getting a sore butt, cramped legs, and achy from sitting on a 5 gallon bucket.  Treat your Dad to cushy and comfortable sit with a portable chair from the guys at Redneck Blinds.  The legs are adjustable just in case you can’t find a level shot and the seat swivels 180 degrees if the birds don’t approach from the anticipated direction.



Hopper 20 – Yeti – $299.99

YettiIf it’s going to be warm you had best have something cool to drink while you’re out there.  Plus, after you’ve shot your limit you’ll want to keep the birds from spoiling before you can get them to the grill.  Here is where the Yeti Hopper shines!  It’s a portable, leak proof cooler that will keep ice for days.  Just throw a bag of ice in and Dad can have cold drinks for multiple hunts if the doves are really flying.  If you’re lucky he’ll even pack some snacks for you and we all know snickers bars and 95 degrees don’t mix well.  It has a convenient carry straps all over it and comes in a muted “field tan” color so it’s easy to get into the field and won’t spook the birds once you’re there.

Mojo Voodoo Dove – Cabelas – $39.99

Mojo VoodooIf you want to stack the odds in Dad’s favor you need to give the birds a reason to fly overhead.  Mojo has created a battery operated dove decoy with flapping (spinning) wings to catch the attention of these curious birds.  These are extremely realistic and will fool even the wisest of doves.  The wings are magnetically attached so they are easy to remove which makes transporting them between the truck and the field a breeze.  It comes with a metal stand so it can be placed in a visible location to draw the birds in close enough for even Dad to hit!  Give the poor guy a chance and bring the birds to him with a nice dove decoy spread!



With all this new equipment you will have pretty much eliminated any excuses for Dad not take you hunting.  You will have also greatly stacked the odds in your favor of being successful.  This is a hunt everyone can enjoy and you can make it just that much more enjoyable and one hopefully you will both remember for years to come.

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