Power Cleans For Hunting Fitness

May 25, 2016 — 2 Comments

This Is the Lift That Differentiates the Men from the Boys (Picture Courtesy of crossfithardknox.com)

Power cleans are another fantastic compound lift that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously while improving your explosiveness along the way.  Yes Please!  The muscles utilized during this lift are muscles you’ll use during your hunt; hamstrings, calves, grip, glutes, lower, mid, and upper back, quads, shoulders, and traps.  By adding this Olympic lift to your workout you’ll be increasing the strength and power in your entire body.  I’m not so sure that if I could only do one lift for the rest of my life this wouldn’t be the one I chose.  (Please note the power clean is a complicated lift so please always seek professional assistance if you are not familiar with it’s execution.)

power cleans

Here You Can See the Entire Sequence of Movements Involved with a Power Clean from Start to Finish.  (Photo Courtesy of gopixpic.com)

The just of this lift is taking something from the ground and raising it to your shoulders.  Sounds a lot like throwing on a meat laden pack doesn’t it?  Hoisting a rear quarter from the ground up so your partner can tie it off in a tree?  You get the idea.  The explosive part of this lift really becomes a benefit anytime that you have to quickly react and change your body and it’s position.  How about when you’re side hilling and loose your footing?  Tripping over that deadfall with 80 lbs on your back?  Again, you get the idea.  The power clean also helps to develop better balance and stability, along with coordination.  Throw in some core muscles that you work during this lift just because of it’s nature and you have something that really needs to be in a hunters regimen.  Honestly, it feels pretty awesome to do too.  Not a lot of people care to undertake the pain and suffering (it’s a good pain and suffering mind you) associated with a such a dynamic, explosive, and full body lift so you can be proud of your accomplishments at the gym after tackling this one!


(Photo Courtesy of pic2fly.com)

Often times the power clean is broken down into four distinct phases which can be seen in the diagram to the left.


1.  The first pull where you raise the bar from the floor.

2.  Where you transition to power the weight up.

3.  The second pull where you jump and shrug simultaneously.

4.  The catch where you position yourself under the bar and catch the weight prior to ultimately front squatting into the standing position.

Now you have a new tool to give you that slight edge to be more successful on your next hunt.  Get out there and get after it!!


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    Hell yeah! I often combine it with overhead snatch.


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