It’s OK to Have Some Fun!

May 31, 2016 — Leave a comment
Shawn as a Beaver

There is Nothing Wrong with A Little Clowning Around!


You’ve spent the last 10 months busting your hump to get into better shape.  100’s or even 1000’s of dollars have been invested in a distant hunting trip.  You’ve saved vacation for two years and left your family behind to reach your destination.  You’re going to hunt your butt off and get your animal no matter what it takes aren’t you?  I would and you should too!
Just don’t forget that it’s not all about the kill.  Clearly the kill is the ultimate goal of a hunt or it would be called camping or hiking but there are so many other things that create the overall experience.  It’s those frosty morning sunrises or mountain sunsets.  It’s the untamed wilderness and scenes from America’s heartland.  It’s these views that give many of us that meditative therapy we all need to recharge our mental batteries.

The Box

The Box!!!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  How About This View?!?!

There’s another aspect to consider though, the fun factor.  I’m guilty of putting my head to the grind stone and pounding out mile after mile or hour after hour on stand.  I go through my regimented scent control measures and freeze my butt in anticipation. These are all key factors to success but it’s OK to make it an enjoyable and even sometimes amusing experience.

When you see that piece of wood a beaver had it’s way with and it looks like a football, why not strike a Heisman pose?  When you get that chance in the mid-October Rockies to roll your pant legs up and work on your tan, do it.  Stop and pose for that picture with your Dad so you’ll both have a lasting memento of time well spent.  Rather than rush through every facet just slow it down and smile (that goes for everyday life too!).  Enjoy the friendship and the moments for what they are worth.  You’ll appreciate them for years to come.

Coors Commercial

Who Wouldn’t Want to be the Guy Pulling an Ice Cold Coors from a Rocky Mountain Stream?!?!?  Simple Amusement, Years of Memories.

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