Giveaway – Wilderness Athlete Hydrate and Energy Combo

June 18, 2016 — 2 Comments

All_Six_H_E_Combo_2048x2048.pngAs many of you have figured out by now I’m a supporter and user of Wilderness Athlete products.  I figured I would go ahead and share some of the benefits with you guys and gals and give away an Energy and Hydrate Combo.  All you have to do is Like and Follow (via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) and you’re entered!  I’ll do the drawing on Monday June 27th and contact you to get your info.  If you’re already a follower, then you’re all set.  Share this with a friend so they can get signed up.  Below is taken from Wilderness Athlete’s website regarding the Energy and Hydrate Combo:


Combining the worlds most complete hydration formula, Hydrate & Recover, with the cutting edge energy producing ingredients in Energy & Focus, you will feel like the superhero you always wanted to be. Originally developed for professional, Olympic, and other elite athletes, this drink is the healthy, effective alternative to “cult” canned and bottled products.

From a personal standpoint I use both the Hydrate and Recover and the Energy and Focus either separately or together (superman!) nearly every day.  If you haven’t tried the newest flavors (Strawberry Granada in the H&R and Tropical Fusion in the E&F) then you’re missing out on the best flavors yet.  Don’t forget that if you plan to make an order with Wilderness Athlete use code “STAFFORD” for 5% off regular orders and 10% off Loyalty Program Orders.

2 responses to Giveaway – Wilderness Athlete Hydrate and Energy Combo


    I’ve tried some other energy stuff and it made me face like blush will this have same effect ?


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