Gear Review: EnerPlex Jumpr Slate (Power Bank)

June 26, 2016 — 3 Comments

The Jumpr Slate from EnerPlex will be Accompanying Me in the Whitetail Woods this Fall.


Whether you want to admit it or not, electronics have become a part of most of our hunting or outdoor adventures.  Even if you are wanting to unplug and get back to nature you likely will have a GPS handy or downloaded maps onto your smart phone to help keep you moving in the right direction.  However, when tied to electronics we need to power our precious mapping devices in order not to lose our bearing (and yes I always carry a paper map and compass just in case!)

Thankfully I found out that EnerPlex offers a device called the Jumpr Slate.  The Slate as I’ll refer to it, is a power bank  that allows you to pre-charge it and take along with you.  Then as you drain the battery in your smart phone, GPS, or other electronic device you simply plug it in to the Slate and you’re back on your way to powered bliss.  I had an opportunity to review a Jumpr Slate recently and wanted to share with you my experience.


The advertised dimensions of the Jumpr Slate are 6.69″ x 3.74″ x 0.3″.  As you can see from my measurements the dimensions are accurate.  To put the size of the Jumpr into perspective the Slate will easily fit into my back pocket.  Needless to say a day pack will house the Slate with ease.


The Slate weighs a mere 0.441 lbs and is barely noticeable in my pocket and not even recognizable in my pack.


The display is not much of a display, rather 4 green lights that indicate 0-25%,25- 50%, 50-75%, and 75-100% charged.  I appreciate the simplicity and the lights are visible and easy to see.


Here you can Easily See the 3 Green Lights Indicating a Charge of 50%-75% on the Jumpr Slate.


Charging Performance

The Slate was at over 75% charged (3 green batter status lights) when I received it but I went ahead and plugged it in just to ensure it was at 100% before conducting my performance test.  It didn’t take very long and I had 4 green lights showing and was ready to see what this thing could do.  Since I use my iPhone 6 extensively for more activities than I would like to admit I chose it as my test subject for this review.  I had drained the batter on the iPhone to 0% prior to connecting to the Slate.

  • After 53 minutes the iPhone already had 45% charge showing while 3 green lights (over 75% charge) remained on the Slate.
  • After 92 minutes the iPhone read 84% charge while 3 green lights remained on the Slate.
  • After 136 minutes (just over 2 hours) the iPhone was 100% charged and 2 green lights (over 50% charge) showed on the Slate.
  • I then drained the battery on my phone again to 0% and plugged it back into the Slate with showed 2 green lights with regards to battery status.
  • After 35 minutes the iPhone was 30% charged and the Slate showed 1 green light.
  • After 60 minutes the iPhone was 54% charged and the Slate still showed 1 green light.
  • After 134 minutes (again, just over 2 hours) the iPhone was 100% charged and 1 green light remained on the Slate.
  • I plugged in a iPad Mini just to see how much juice was left on the Slate and while initially the iPad started charging the Slate ran out of batter shortly thereafter.

My test indicated that the Jumpr Slate had more than enough capacity to charge an iPhone 6 twice before needing to be recharged itself.   Each time the iPhone took just over 2 hours to reach 100% charge.


The Slate comes with a micro USB cable already permanently attached but also has a USB port that you can plug any other USB compatible charger into.  The attached USB cable fit my Skull Candy headphones and Kindle Fire.  I had to use the USB port to charge my Apple devices.


The EnerPlex Jumpr Slate is a small and relatively light power bank that I’m guessing will charge most electronic devices approx. twice  before needing to be charged itself in about the same amount of time that it would take to charge in a 110 outlet..  The Slate will be accompanying me to the whitetail woods this falls for sure.  In several of my hunting locations I have a marginal cell signal that puts a serious drain on my phone battery.  However, I can still text and sometimes make a phone call so I still carry it with me.  Who doesn’t like to see if their buddies are having any luck or check in with your significant other just to let them know everything is OK.  More importantly (and heaven forbid) if something bad was to happened I like to have a means of communication since I often hunt alone.  Regardless, the Slate will allow me to carry my phone and recharge it after the battery gets sucked dry after a very short period of time.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who finds themselves in situations where their portable electronic devices need charged.  Who knows, maybe you’ve got a wicked hunting trip planned where you’ll be flying to your destination, you don’t want to be that guy hundled next to the only wall outlet in the airport do you?  Didn’t think so, the Slate will keep you charged and checking on updates from!!

(Disclaimer:  I received the EnerPlex Jumpr Slate at no charge in return for a fair and unbiased review.  I receive no additional compensation whether you purchase one or not.  Everything included in this review is as I perceived and truthful to the extend of my knowledge.  And yes, that includes the fact that I will indeed be carrying this power bank with me while deer hunting this fall.  I have been waiting to find something like this for a while now!)

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    Wonderful idea , I like this device Jumpr Slate.


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