Fourth of July Weekend Ideas

June 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

If This Doesn’t Look Awesome, Festive, and Healthy I Don’t Know What Does!  (Photo Courtesy of

With the long weekend approaching I have put together a series of articles that can help add to the outdoor experience this weekend.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and you and your families make some great memories whatever your plans are.



Simple and Delicious (Photo Courtesy of

If camping is on your list take a look at these easy and campfire friendly recipes.  The ingredients and utensils required are minimal so you can spend your time having fun rather than cooking and cleaning.


Ok, so s’mores are mandatory for any evening gathered around a campfire.  Especially if you have kids!  This article gives you 39 variations to consider.  Some I could argue have some nutritional benefits and others just sound plain delicious.  Either way there is definitely something on this list to fit anyone’s fancy.


Standard Campfire Issue and Rightfully So!  (Photo Courtesy of

So you’re an archery family or you’ll be getting together with some buddies this weekend to do some shooting?  Why not have some extra fun and turn your practice session into game time.  This list of games from Wikipedia is sure to add some excitement to your archery shoot this weekend!

There is nothing overly earth shattering on this list but they are important reminders on how to make a hiking trip a success rather going down in infamy!

So get out, get active, eat healthy, have fun, and be safe!!  Enjoy!!

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