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Here is What You’re Looking For While Roving the Backwaters at Night with a Stick and String (Photo Courtesy of Hailey Dulaney’s Facebook Page)


In honor of my upcoming trip with the guys as Bluegrass Adventures and Hailey Dulaney for my first reel (pun intended) bowfishing trip I was doing a little research so I would know what to expect.  I figured while I was out perusing the web for bowfishing information I would share with you all.  Anytime you can get out with a bow or on the water this time of year is a real treat.  So if you’re on the fence about going bowfishing or if you’re a seasoned veteran of the fiberglass arrow here are some good reads for you to kill some time until your next adventure.


I Doubt I’ll be Fortunate Enough to Get One of These but we can Always Dream (Photo Courtesy of Bluegrass Adventures Facebook Page)


If you’re not sure what species to target when bowfishing the guys at Realtree have compiled a list of the 13 biggest and meanest bowfishing targets popular with todays bowfishers.

The team over at bowsite gives a very detailed breakdown of the in’s and out’s of bowfishing and different styles and tactics used to shoot fish

Bowhunting Magazine gives some great tips on some of the equipment selections you may consider.  Also they go through some of the game that will be targeted as well as how to aim in order to hit fish under the water.

Over at they go into some great detail on the art of bowfishing and all that goes into the sport.  There is a ton of info here so take some time and stay ahead of the game (or fish!)

Ok, there you go.  Whether you’re new to bowfishing or a regular, you can learn something from the above links.  I know I did and can’t wait for my upcoming trip.  Now all I have to do is hit something!!!

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