Tepui Expedition Series Tool Bag

July 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

Tepui Offers a Collection of New Gear Bags to Meet All Your Outdoor Needs.

For those of you not familiar with the name Tepui they are one of the foremost manufacturers of rooftop tents to help get you out doing what you love.  Since no gear bags fit the bill during their outdoor adventures the guys at Tepui took it upon themselves to start making bags and cases they felt met the criteria required to keep up with their outdoor lifestyle.I had the opportunity to try out the Tepui Expedition Series Tool Case and wanted to share what I found with you. 

Initial Thoughts

When I first opened the box and pulled out the tool bag I was pleased with the size of the bag for what I intended to use it for.  The materials appeared rugged and able to withstand anything I could throw at them.  The compartments/pockets would allow even me to keep my gear organized and available when I needed it.  Also, the handles were placed to allow me to carry or load the bag in any fashion I could imagine.



The bag I trialed is advertised at 17″x10″x7″.  Without putting a tape to it I believe this to be accurate.  As I mentioned in my initial thoughts the size was perfect for my intended use.  I feel it’s sized as a grab and go bag.  By that I mean during deer season I will put essentials in it such as rope, saws, hand warmers, knives, etc that I would prefer not to have in my day pack but would like to have available in the truck.  I can easily pack the tool case and throw in the truck where my gear will be ready when I need it.  I can grab the bag and repack/add to it quickly as the seasons change.  Also, it’s great for day trips such as the recent bow fishing trip I went on where I stuffed it with necessities I wanted on the boat and literally threw it in.  Another great aspect of the tool case is it fits perfectly on my 4-wheeler.  I prefer not to have the big bags that essentially permanently attach to the atv and this bag finally fits my needs.  With just a simple bungee chord the tool case is attached and ready to go.  It’s not overly bulky and can be taken into the house and packed accordingly to my needs.


There are several compartments inside the bag that conveniently organize my equipment.  I can separate items as needed so I’m not searching through every nook and cranny to get to my grunt call or spare release.  I can keep spare batteries and flashlights as well as my bone saw, extra pee bottle, or whatever else you can think of.  There is also a divider that can be relocated with strips of Velcro to meet your specific needs.  Another item which is not necessarily a compartment but a very nice addition is the expandable webbing on the exterior.  I believe this will be handy if you need to shed or carry extra clothing layers and also when hanging or pulling stands it will be great to keep all my straps cinched down when traveling on the 4-wheeler.


The material is stated on the Tepui website as “high strength polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin”.  After handling the bag I would be more inclined to refer to it as tough as nails yet refined to a smooth finish.  I have no doubts that it would hold up to just about anything I could put it through.  Whether that be rolling around in the back of my truck or getting raked through the brush on the back of my 4-wheeler.  The only thing I feel I should mention to you is the claim that it is “water resistant”.  I feel the material is indeed water resistant since when I took the garden hose to it the water rolled off the exterior like water on a ducks back.  However, please do not confuse this with waterproof. During my water hose test the interior of the bag did get wet.  Likely the water came through the zipper but I feel I should at least let you know.


Overall Thoughts

I would not hesitate to recommend one of these Tepui Expedition Series Tool Cases.  The versatility is evident in my statements above and the quality is second to none.  This bag has traveled with me to KY bowfishing, will be on my 4-wheeler when I go to TX hog hunting in Aug, and will be in my truck throughout the deer season.  The guys were on to something when they designed this expedition series.  If you’re looking for a gear bag that will be with you for the long haul then consider adding a Tepui Gear bag to your cache!

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