Things to Come with Hunting Fit!

August 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hey all!  I apologize for the absence of posts over the last two weeks or so.  I must admit that life caught up with me and I absolutely didn’t have enough time to do everything that was required of me.  If you follow on social media I tried to get a few updates out but simply couldn’t get a chance to sit down and pound out some posts.  I tell you this not because I’m any different than anyone else, but because I am just like you.  I have 3 wonderful children, a beautiful wife, a day job, properties to maintain, sports to coach, a conservation club to participate in,  veggies to put up for the winter, equipment to service, etc, etc.  I didn’t even mention anything about fitness or hunting!  Time is not something I (or you) have an abundance of.

My point is that we all have things that require our attention.  It’s up to you to prioritize those (chose carefully!) and make it happen.  Of course we probably can’t do everything we want but I have a feeling if you work hard, be relentless, and stay focused you can do and be there for the things that really matter most.   So I’m ready to get back to providing you with some great content to get you prepared for the hunting seasons that are now upon us.  I thank you for your support and patience and wish you all the best of luck this fall while in the field!

Now some of the things that Hunting Fit has been up to include testing out some new Aerohead Sport boots from Lacrosse, some bow stabilizing equipment from KTech Designs, I’m very excited to prepare my Wildtree meals, I’ve logged some miles on a sweet pair of La Sportiva trail shoes, tried some new meals from Paleo Meals to Go, and got to break in the full product line from Scent Kapture.  Aside from testing the previously mentioned items I am an official shoe tester for Saucony and have been trialing a prototype pair of running shoes (I wish I could share more but I can’t yet).  I managed to get away on two hunts of my own including a bow fishing trip to KY and most recently a wild hog hunt in TX.  I can’t wait to share those adventures with you!  I did get a new .380 carry gun for my birthday that I finally got to shoot this past weekend as well.  I’m supposed to do a short video demonstrating some of my favorite exercises for the guys at Wilderness Athlete which I just can’t seem to slow down long enough to do.  Speaking of WA I they have made some recent improvements to their Hydrate and Recover formula as well as their Multi-Vitamin that I look forward to sharing with you guys.  I just this past weekend got a copy of Successful Hunter magazine to see my full DIY, backpack, wilderness elk hunt article in print and was supposed to have an ethics article in the most recent issue of Bugle (The official magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) but it looks like it may have got pushed back to the next issue.  I do want to write about some of my recent findings on the differences between freeze dried and dehydrated back packing foods and would like to get some good workout tips headed your way.  Whew!  And I wonder why I had trouble getting some good reading material out to you guys!

Well, I’m already behind on getting my whitetail stands hung, I haven’t shot my bow enough, my broadheads need sharpened, I need to get a dozen new arrows, squirrel season is open and I haven’t fired the first .22 bullet, and dove season opens in less than two weeks.  Man oh man.  It’s good to be an outdoorsman and have so many choices but we could all use a few more hours in the day.  With that, I hope you all are hunting some good tags this season and if you’ve already been out feel free to share your experience with me.  If you are still chomping at the bit waiting for your season to arrive then I wish you the best of luck.  Be safe, be strong, and make it happen.



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