Review: Lacrosse AeroHead Sport Boots

August 23, 2016 — 9 Comments

The Latest Offering From Lacrosse:  The AeroHead Sport Designed to Be On the Move.  (Photo courtesy of Twitter)


I wanted to share with you my recent experience with the newest boot Lacrosse has added to their arsenal of fantastic products, the AeroHead Sport.  Let me preface this review with the fact that I reached out to Lacrosse regarding their footwear because I have been a user and believer in their hunting boots for 15 or so years now.  As a matter of fact including the pair of AeroHead Sports in this review I currently own 4 pairs of Lacrosse boots;  an uninsulated pair of AlphaBurly’s, a 1000g Thinsulate insulated pair of AlphaBurly’s (which I’ve had forever), and a pair of steel toed rubber boots for the farm and industrial work.  None of which have failed in any way, shape, or form!  Now that I’ve given you my opinion on Lacrosse boots in general let’s get into the details on the AeroHead Sport.

From the Lacrosse website:
“The AeroHead Sport completely changes what a rubber hunting boot can be by replacing the rubber shell with one made of extremely durable, lightweight, and insulating polyurethane.  Designed for optimal fit and flexibility, the waterproof AeroHead Sport is built for ultimate comfort and will keep hunters light on their feet.  Its Brush Tuff material stands up to unforgiving brush and briers while an abrasion resistance shin guard offers extra protection without added bulk.”


A Detailed Breakdown of the Structure Behind the AeroHead Sport.  (Photo courtesy of Lacrosse)

Initial Thoughts
When I opened the box and pulled the boots out all I could think about was sitting in a deer stand on a frosty fall morning.  The boots were a far cry from the old slip on rubber boots of my youth and the camoflauge pattern on the upper was clear and concise.  The AeroForm lower shell felt strong but not stiff and I liked the addition of the protective shin guards on the front of the upper.  Please note I tested the 7mm neoprene model.  They  are also offered in a 3.5 neoprene configuration.

As I slipped the boots on I could tell Lacrosse really meant it when they said they built these for “ultimate comfort”.  My feet easily glided into the boot where they were surrounded with very soft and comfortable insulation.  I dare not use the word snug to describe the fit for fear of making it sound like they were restrictive or too small but the boots did seem to wrap my foot and give a feeling of support unlike a loose fitting slip on pair of boots.  This is a good thing since the boots act as more of an extension of your foot rather than a large shell that your foot will slide around in. I wore a pair of thicker socks when I tried them on and still felt I could add another pair without the boots constricting that ever important blood flow to my feet while on stand.

Since the AeroHead Sports are being touted as a more sporty option I had to test them to be sure they would meet the expectations of a mobile hunter.  I contorted my foot into as many positions as I could and both the upper and lower flexed and moved without restricting movement or giving any sensations of being too stiff.  To truly test the ability of the boots to move when I needed to move and keep me on my feet when my hunting adventures were less than stationary I simply started logging miles in them.  I would put them on and hop on the treadmill or hit the trail just to see if they caused any foot pain or discomfort when worn for extended travel.  Honestly, I found them to be more comfortable during long distances than I had anticipated.   Don’t get me wrong, these are not your favorite running shoes but they certainly exceeded my expectations with regards to cushioning and foot bed support.  I would have no problems slipping these on and hitting the field for a day of bird hunting or a long hike to my deer stand.  These will not replace your favorite mountain boots but they certainly will keep you mobile for most other hunting situations.

Since the temps were in the 90’s when I trialed these boots I was unable to perform a subjective test on how well they kept my feet warm.  I did however inquire to Lacrosse about the differences between neoprene insulation and thinsulate since I have been hunting in a 1000g thinsulate model for years and have been pleased with their ability to keep me on stand.  The response I received was as follows:
“The AeroHead is built with either 3.5mm neoprene or 7mm neoprene, both of which add warmth like Thinsulate does.  But then in addition to the neoprene, there is a polyurethane shell that wraps the entire foot and is also insulating.  For example, on our traditional AeroHead boots the 7mm styles are about the warmth of a 1000G Alphaburly Pro.”
With that being said I would believe 7mm neoprene would be adequate for temps well below freezing and comparable to the 1000g thinsulate I am used to.

The tread on these boots looks to be plenty aggressive to keep you moving in and out of those steep creek beds and gave me secure footing throughout my travels.  I would say they would have no problems tackling anything you could throw at them.  I have what have been referred to as chicken legs (despite all my efforts in the gym) so my calves easily fit into the boots.  However, if your calves are more like softballs I still believe you would be able to fit into these boots due to the forgiving gusset and cinch strap in the back.  I did not test to ensure they were waterproof but honestly I didn’t feel this was necessary based on tract record and the fact that they won’t be on the shelves long if they don’t prove to be waterproof.  The last thing I will mention is the weight of the boots.  The AeroHead Sport 7mm version is advertised as being 5 lbs/pair.  In comparison to similar type boots from various other manufactures they are all about the same within a few ounces or so.  Since the weights were not all shown on the other manufacturer’s website I ended up going to a large retailer’s website and comparing info.  Nothing was apples to apples since some were 15” in height and others 17”, with some having comfort ratings down to -60 deg and others to -40 deg.  Competitor’s weights ranged from 4.6 lbs/pair to 5.6 lbs/pair so I feel it’s safe to say that from a weight standpoint the AeroHead Sport’s are on par with the competition.

Final Thoughts
I am looking forward to hunting in these boots this fall.  They are comfortable and I foresee them being as warm as any other boots I have hunted in if not warmer.  They will certainly move better with me on some of my longer hikes in and I won’t go change them when I have to pick up a blood trail that may or may not be a short one.  I recommend these to any of you deer hunters or anyone who needs to stay warm and waterproof but yet have the ability to go mobile under the right conditions.

Disclaimer:  I received these boots at no charge from Lacrosse in return for a fair and unbiased review.  I receive no additional compensation whether you choose to buy a pair or not.  I will say if I were going to purchase a new pair of hunting boots this year, these would have been it anyway.

9 responses to Review: Lacrosse AeroHead Sport Boots


    I was just looking at a new pair of boots this week. I don’t NEED a new pair exactly, but I was looking at them anyway. Now, I’ll consider these as well. Good review.

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    Are you familiar with Xtratuf? Those have come highly recommend to me and I’m looking for a good pair for this fall.



    If you were getting your first pair of boots like this, would you go with the AlphaBurly, AeroHead or AeroHead Sport?



    Sorry for the double posting, I didn’t see that it was taken. I watched some of their videos and read some other reviews as well. These are primarily for white tail from blinds and stands going in through tall grass or through muddy areas. I ended up going with the AeroHead Sports in 7mm, brown. Primarily because they weren’t in a camo pattern!



      It appears we will be hunting in similar footwear this fall then (I’ll be in the camo version though). I am super excited and wish you the best of luck. Feel free to let me know how the boots do and share your success story!


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