Gear Review: Smartwool Socks

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Smartwool Socks Have been in My Drawer for Years…and for Good Reason.  They Work.


My dad used to tell me all the time that your feet are the most important part of your body (short of your brain of course) and you’ve got to take care of them.  As my experiences have grown I realize just what he is talking about.  Aside from wearing quality boots your socks are something you should take into consideration as well.  Something else I have really began to get an appreciation for is wool.  With all the “advancements” in wool, coupled with it’s tried and true qualities, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be utilized in your socks.  With all that said I’d like to recommend Smartwool socks to be added to your hunting gear.  They have some fantastic products that I have been using for years and they were recently kind enough to send me a couple of pairs to highlight for you guys.  Let me say this, I have been wearing them for years on my own accord, so just because I am going to write about the new ones I just received, my comments are based on years of experience and satisfaction in Smartwool socks.  

Men’s Hunt Heavy Crew Socks


Smartwool’s Heavy Cushioned Hunting Sock is Your Solution to Cold Feet.


These are my go to when temps begin to drop.  I wear them on mountain hunts as well as treestand sits.  The Smartwool Fit system adds braces (to me they used additional elastic or some other type of stretch material) to the ankles and arches to keep the socks in place and give just a little additional support to your feet.  This is not only great when you’re traversing rugged terrain but when wearing rubber boots that don’t have the benefit of lacing.  The socks stay in place and don’t ride down over time (or distance).  The “heavy” cushion associated with these is great for added warmth but also gives you just a little more comfort and protection when you’re pounding out the miles in search of game.  As stated in my opening paragraph the use of wool for these is an absolute boon the their abilities.  They don’t itch at all and do a great job of regulating moisture and odor (even after a week in the Rockies).  One thing that I can attest to is their durability.  My two most used pairs (over 10 years old, maybe even 15) are still as good as the day I bought them.  They have allowed me to spend countless hours in the treestand and cover miles of wicked terrain in search of my trophies.  These are fantastic socks that I can find no negatives to share with you about their performance or durability.  I highly suggest that you consider adding these to your hunting clothing line.

Men’s Hunt Medium Crew Socks


Smartwool’s Medium Cushion Sock is Great for Moderate Temps or When You Want a Little Extra Cushion in the Field.


The Medium Cushion Socks have the same qualities as previously mentioned with just a little less material (i.e. cushioning).  I don’t have any long term experience with the medium cushioning but have no reason to believe their performance would be any different. I would go with the medium cushioning when the temps are cooler but not necessarily frigid.  You could also use them during warmer mountain hunts where the additional cushioning is a must to keep you on your feet.


These socks are made right here in the USA so if you’re like me and love to help us support ourselves here’s an opportunity to own a fine USA made product.  Smartwool also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee where “if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Smartwool product, please return it to us within two years of purchase and we’ll make it right”.  It’s always a great feeling knowing that a company is more than willing to stand behind their products.  The days of the seams wreaking havoc on your toes are long gone as well with the design of these socks.  I have experienced no discomfort due to large and unruly seams with these Smartwool socks.

Final Comments

I love these socks.  I almost explicitly wear the during all my hunts.  I even have a couple of the lighter, hiking socks from Smartwool that I wear during the summer months and early season hunts.  I have piles of other “hunting” socks at home that still have the tags on them because I’m not willing to compromise the comfort of my feet with anything else but the socks from Smartwool.  Give them a shot, I believe you will be very pleased with your choice.


I was sent the Smartwools socks pictured above at no cost in return for an honest and fair review.  To the best of my abilities I have provided that.  I get no additional payments whether you buy one or a thousand pairs of Smartwool socks.  However, my statements about me personally wearing these sock for years is true and I couldn’t be happier with their performance.

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