One Arm Jerk Press

December 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Elk Quarters Don’t Miraculously Hang Themselves, You’ve Got to Be Strong Enough to Get Them There (Photo Courtesy of

In an effort to mix in some upper body training while continuing to improve my overall core strength I began working in the one arm jerk press.  The jerk is 2nd half of the clean and jerk where you lift a weight from the ground and “clean” it to you chest.  Then you “jerk” it into an overhead position.  While I believe the clean and jerk is a great exercise (that I may highlight in the future) I want to focus today on just the jerk, specifically with one arm. 

What this exercise will do for you is primarily work your shoulders but with proper form will force you to use your legs to explode into the lift and also touch on the triceps as well.  The reason I call out the one arm execution is the additional strain on the core it causes.  In this case strain is a good thing since by only lifting with one arm at a time your core muscles are forced into stabilizing the imbalanced load.  I don’t know about you but I can’t remember packing out quarters or dragging out a deer where the load was symmetrical.


Execution Begins with the Weight on your Shoulder, the Lower Body and Core is then “Loaded”, and the Weight is Propelled Overhead (Schematic Courtesy of

The lift is executed by starting with the weight resting on your shoulder.  I have used all types of weights for this lift ranging from kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, concrete blocks…you get the point.  Next you’ll bend your knees, lowering your center of mass, then exploding upwards with both your legs and shoulders, ultimately raising your choice weight overhead.  Be sure to finish by straightening both your legs and arms and holding for a moment before repeating.


There’s No Way to Sugar Coat it, This isn’t Easy and You Have to Be Prepared to Get that Animal Out Once You’ve Pulled the Trigger (Photo Courtesy of

You’ll find this is a great way to work your core and upper body simultaneously.  Honestly, this lift can be quite exhausting especially if you super set it with a derivation of the plank and/or kettlebell figure 8’s.  Now is the time to prepare for next season, consider adding this lift to your regimen to make you a better hunter.



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