Christmas Buyers Guide

December 13, 2016 — 2 Comments



It’s a Great Time of Year to Spread Your Love of the Outdoors to Others. Who Wouldn’t Love Some New Hunting and Outdoor Related Gifts?!?! (photo courtesy of

So you want to get something thoughtful for that hunter or outdoorsperson in your life but just don’t know what to get?  Let me help.  The following are some suggestions and ideas so you can give something meaningful to those important in your life.  Several of the items I have posted reviews on, but after using them this past season loved them even more.  Others are items that just seem too cool or useful not to pass along.  Regardless, I hope you find something below that will get you or your loved one outside, active, or put some quality meat on the table.

Lacrosse AeroHead Sport Boots

I did an initial review of these boots this past summer and was very pleased with the comfort and fit they provided.  Since that time I’ve logged even more miles and hours on stand and still have nothing but great things to say about them.  The lowers conform and move with you foot rather than fighting it like the rubber boots of old.  They proved to be warm in below freezing weather and waterproof during various swamp excursions.  If your somebody is in the market for some new hunting boots give these a hard look.

Tepui White Lightning Hard Shell Tent

Looks like the perfect combination for those hunters on the go has finally been created.  Tepui has been making car top tents for a while now but recently became the first offer a hardshell model with an integrated roof rack.  Setting up tents is annoying and with the hardshell from the White Lighting able to withstand heavy doses of bad weather this may be just what the doctor ordered for the traveling hunter.

Rite In the Rain

As I’ve aged and realize that memories are some of the most important things we have as well as the knowledge gained through experience, I need someway other than the grey matter between my ears to capture them.  Enter the weatherproof notebooks from Rite in Rain.  I’m sure I’ve missed some details of my hunts along the way so having something I can carry with me in all conditions to take notes on would be a very valuable asset.  They come in all different sizes depending on your particular application.  I’ve got my eyes one that will easily fit in my shirt or pants pocket.

Paleo Meals to Go

Food may not appear to be the most likely gift for someone but when it’s got a long shelf life, tastes great, and most importantly can fuel the body, mind, and soul during a long hunt you can see why I added it to my list.  Oh ya, these convenient packages from Paleo Meals to Go also fit conveniently in most stockings hung over the fireplace too!  I’ve been eating them this fall and love them. Grab several and stuff those stockings with some great cold weather hunting fuel.

Enerplex Jumpr Pro

Another item I reviewed this summer that made it into my hunting pack is the Jumpr from Enerplex.  This handy device let me keep my phone charged so I could text while on stand to find out if my buddies were seeing anything.  It also ensured I had cell power available in the event of an emergency.  Oh, and it worked out great while traveling for work too.  I’d hate to be stuck in an airport and not be able to read up on!!!!

Scent Kapture

Scent Kapture made my wish list because I used the crap out of this stuff this year.  The scent encapsulating properties of the spray are a part of my pre-hunt ritual along with the hair and body wash.  Plus when hitting the road for any reason the hair and body wash is easy to throw in my bag and I’m covered from a personal hygiene standpoint.  One thing that I was really impressed with was their After the Hunt hand wash.  After taking this stuff bowfishing (silver carp really reek) and having greasy fat from butchering wild hogs on my hands, I just keep it in my truck at all times.  Works fantastic!!!

Sanborn Paddles

OK, so this is probably the most random item on my list but a handmade and painted paddle was just way to cool to not put on here.  Honestly, I had no idea you could even buy one.  While doing some research for this article I found Sandborn Canoe who actually make their own paddles right here in the USA.  I have to admit the craftsmanship looks absolutely amazing.  While I’m sure they are more that functional I’m not sure I could put something of such beauty in the water.  Whether you intend to use this as a functional piece or cabin décor these look fantastic!!!

Western and Elk Hunter Magazine

The hunter in your life can only hunt so much.  When they’re not hunting, they are thinking or reading about it.  Why try and fight the current?  Go ahead and provide them with some quality reading material.  I’ve had subscriptions to all sorts of magazines throughout the years and get many through various memberships I maintain.  One of my favorite still remains Elk Hunter and Western Hunter.  They seem to feed that desire to go West DIY style but yet give tips, tactics, and gear reviews that are relevant across most species of game.  One huge thing they do is offer great fitness and nutrition tips that most hunting magazines ignore.

Membership to a Conservation/Hunting Related Organization

I’m not going to tell you which one to join but there are many out there.  We all need to do our part and if the person you are buying for has everything here is a great opportunity to really let them know you support them and their endeavors.  Just to name a couple that come to mind;  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, National Rifle AssociationMichigan United Conservation Club, are all good choices.  There are many others so you can certainly cater to the specific interests of the person you are looking to provide a gift membership to.

Sitka Fanatic Series

I’ve been drooling over Sitka Gear for a while now but just couldn’t convince myself there was anything wrong with my current cold weather hunting clothes.  Now that I finally hunted in the Fanatic Jacket and Bibs I can’t believe I waited so long.  These are some seriously well thought out pieces of “gear” rather than simply clothing.  I was totally impressed and believe you will be too.

Some other random thoughts on gifts items could include a windproof lighter, custom knife, a nice stocking hat for wintertime runs, leather hunting journal, kettlebells (about $1/lb online), or perhaps the best gift of all some motivation and support to get more fit for next hunting season.  Either way, I would personally take any of these items and I certainly hope you like them as well.  Most importantly Merry Christmas and remember that it is the birth of Christ we are celebrating.

Disclaimer:  Some of the items mentioned above I have purchased with my own money, others I had previously received at no charge in return for a review on, others I randomly came across, and some I just wouldn’t mind having myself.  I receive no compensation if you chose to purchase any of the aforementioned items.  However, if you need my address so you can send any of them to me as a gift I can arrange that.



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    I’ve got a couple base layer items from Sitka. They are my favorites. Hands down.


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