Gear Review: EnerPlex Jumpr Pro

December 31, 2016 — Leave a comment

The Jumpr Series Portable Chargers From EnerPlex Were a Great Addition to My Hunting Pack this Year.


I wanted to give you the skinny on one of the latest portable power products from Enerplex, the Jumpr Pro.  The Jumpr Pro was just released this past Oct/Nov and I was very pleased to get my hands on one.  If you remember I had previously reviewed the Jumpr Slate from Enerplex and had a very positive experience with it.  As a matter of fact I carried it in my backpack during all my whitetail hunts this year until I swapped it out with the Jumpr Pro. 

Initial Thoughts

I absolutely loved the Jumpr Slate and I assumed that the Jumpr Pro would follow in similar fashion.  It did.  With improved charging capabilities and a direct plug in to my iPhone, Enerplex hit the nail on the head with the Jumpr Pro!  It easily slips into my pocket, hunting pack, or satchel and gives me the ability to use my electronic devices without fear of running out of juice.


Per the owners manual the size is given as 7.0″ x 3.7″ x 0.3″.  Per my measurements I show this to be accurate if not even a little larger than the actual device I had.  It’s the perfect size to slip into your hunting pack or even pocket when you’re traveling or on the move.


The Jumpr Pro comes in at a feathery 0.41 lbs.  I’m not saying I would backpack this 5 miles into a wilderness elk camp but for all practical purposes carrying the Pro would hardly be noticeable in most daily activities.



The display is nearly identical to it’s predecessor, the Slate, with 4 led lights indicating 25% increments of power.


Charging Performance

I could never time it perfectly to know exactly how long it took to charge the Jumpr Pro but during the three times I drained the power to 0% it took between five and six hours to fully charge the device again.

With regards to transferring charge from the Jumpr Pro to other devices I thought it did well.  Each time I charged my iPhone6 it went from 0% – 100% in two hours or less.  That is very similar performance to what I see when using a wall outlet to charge my phone.

I wanted to know how many times I could expect to charge my iPhone6 without recharging the Pro. For the test, I only initially charged the Jumpr Pro.  I drained the phone to 0% each time prior to plugging it into the Pro.  I was able to fully charge the phone twice and achieved 65% charge on the third attempt.  This is an improvement from the Jumpr Slate since I was essentially only able to achieve two full charges of the phone with the 5,000 mAh vs 6,000 mAh of the Jumpr Pro.

Something else I wanted to note was that I also used the Jumpr Pro on an older, full size iPad.  On two separate attempts I was able to add 41% charge and 38% to the iPad.  I would suspect that on the newer and smaller iPads 100% charge could be achieved with the Jumpr Pro.


On top of the additional charging capacity, here is another area that EnerPlex made some improvements in.  With the Jumpr Pro, not only do you get the USB port, micro USB port, and tethered micro USB connector, you also get a tethered Apple Lightning connector (connects directly to iPhones, iPads, etc).  This was a big improvement for me since my household has apparently fallen very close to the Apple cart.  You also get a USB to micro USB cord to charge the Jumpr Pro.  The only additional thing I feel I need to mention is that I could not plug the tethered lightning connector into my phone with the protective case I utilize.  I can’t hold that against Enerplex as I’m sure there are hundreds of combinations for protective cases for Apple products but just wanted to give you a heads up.  Of course this is easily be remedied by removing the case or or carrying a different cord to plug into the USB port on the Jumpr Pro.


The EnerPlex Jumpr Pro Gives Numerous Options to Energize Your Electronic Devices.



Overall, I’m once again very pleased with EnerPlex and the Jumpr Pro.  It’s small, lightweight, and keeps me mobile.  When looking for a portable charging device I’m not sure what other criteria you would expect good performance in.  I was happy with the Jumpr Slate and now I get more charge and a direct connector to my iPhone with the Jumpr Pro.  It’s a great addition to my hunting pack to easily keep my iPhone, GPS, or walky-talky’s charged while in the field.  If you don’t already have one you may want to consider taking a look if you use electronics during your hunts.

Disclaimer:  I received the Jumpr Pro used for this review at no charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.  To the best of my abilities I believe I have delivered that.  I receive no additional compensation whether you purchase a Jumpr Pro or not.  However, if you run into me next fall or in an airport, there’s a good chance I’ll have one with me.

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