Gear Review: Enerplex Generatr 1200

February 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

If You Want Convenient, Portrable Power the Enerplex Genertr 1200 May Just Be Your Ticket!


Let’s face it, even though most of us seek solitude in our hunting adventures we still like to have some of the modern conveniences of home when possible.  Many of those luxuries run on electric power which is generally hard to come by when operating remotely.  You could always pack a conventional gas powered generator (assuming you’ll be hunting from a camp you can reach via truck) but they’re noisy, smelly, and if you’re like me most of my gas powered implements never want to start anyway.  I was recently introduced to a product from Enerplex that will eliminate those issues in a convenient and easy to use package.  The Generatr 1200 is a rechargeable battery pack on steroids that is easily transported and even easier to use and maintain.  While I labeled this post as a gear review it’s going to be more like a gear introduction.  I say that because I haven’t even touched on all the possibilities the Generatr1200 has to offer therefore I haven’t technically tested it as thoroughly yet as I normally would…but I certainly plan too!

Initial Thoughts

To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what I was expecting as I anticipated the arrival of the 1200.  All I knew was that a portable, electric generator existed and I had to have one.  All the uses for this thing kept playing through my mind; emergency power at the house, portable lighting for the fishing dock or camp, I could power this computer and write anywhere and anytime without fear of running out of battery, frog gigging with a spotlight, my electric filet knife could go anywhere with me…you get the point.  All without having to deal with the size, noise, exhaust, and fuel associated with a gas powered generator.  The Generatr 1200 is basically a plug and play device.  When it showed up it was smaller than I had expected and well constructed with handles and a protective rubber frame.  I definitely wouldn’t consider it heavy but at 42 lbs it’s not something your going to want to pack into a remote camp on your back though.


A Quick Camp Setup Powered by the Gereratr 1200.



There is a huge list of features the 1200 has to offer but some of the most important are as follows:

Outputs:  12V Anderson-Type, Three USB, 19V DC, Three 110 AC outlets,  and 12V (think cigarette lighter plug in your truck)


The Enerplex Generatr 1200 Has Tons of Outputs to Power Your Adventure.


Inputs: Two Anderson-Type (one on the front and another on the back) and Four Solar/DC (two on the front two on the back)


Multiple Inputs Allows For Multiple Charging Options.


Weight: 42 lbs

With all of these available output connections the wide array of possibilities is very impressive.  I’m already dreaming of frog hunting this summer with a spotlight powered by the Generatr 1200 rather than a couple dim flashlights!  One of the great aspects of the 1200 is it’s ability to accept solar chargers if you need to recharge it.  Just hook it up to one of Enerplex’s available solar panels while you’re out in the field during the day and you’ll be good to go all night when you get back.

Charge Time

The users manual states that with a standard 110 wall outlet you can expect the 1200 to take 10-16 hours to charge.  I was able to confirm this on two separate occasions and believe that their estimate to take up to 16 hours is a little on the conservative side.  During both times I documented the charging cycles, the 1200 had 0% charge to begin with and I charged to 100%.  Since I wasn’t able to determine exactly when the device hit 100% charge all I can tell you is it took less than 10 hours and 15 minutes to charge it the first time and less than 13 hours and 50 minutes the second time.  Based on these observations I made my previous comment that 16 hours is a very conservative number on the max time it would take to charge.  In my opinion, the only reason I had to state that it took less than 13 hours and 50 minutes the second time I charged it was because I wasn’t able to check it sooner.  I’m guessing the range is more like 10-12 hours.

Operating Time

This is where the 1200 earns it’s keep.  Because of the long run times of the Generatr I was never actually able to determine how long it would run or how many charges it could provide.  What I will give you are the stats from the owners manual which should give you an idea of how impressive this thing is.  It will charge your:

Phone – 150+ times

Tablet – 50+ times

Laptop – 20+ times

It is also capable of running your:

TV – 12+ hours

Refrigerator – 16+ hours

When I saw this I was completely befuddled. No gas, no fumes, no pull start, nothing.  Just plug and play.  The only thing you hear is a very faint fan running.


It may seem silly that I’m even putting a section titled “Uses” on an electric power generator since we all know what runs off of electricity.  The reason I put it on here is to bring up some of opportunities I see myself using and benefiting from the Generatr 1200.  Already this winter I have used it inside my house during several power outages.  All I had to do was bring it in to the front room and plug in a couple lamps and we were all set.  My wife and I had light to read by and the kids were on playing games on their electronic devices.  We really weren’t inconvenienced at all on any of the power outages.  As I previously mentioned I can’t wait to get a spotlight plugged in to this thing this summer while out frog gigging.  We’ll be able to spot them from one side of the lake to the other.  Another opportunity I’m looking forward to is using the electric filet knife I just got for Christmas.  With the 1200 I can now easily zip trough a basket of bluegills from just about any location I want.   Ever relocated over long distances and had to get all your game meat from one side of the country to the other?  With the 1200 why not leave it in the feezer in the back of your truck.  Just plug the freezer in and hit the gas.  The more I use the 1200 and think about all the options it gives me it’s hard to believe I’ve managed this long without one.  Ok, so I could probably “manage” without one but what I can say is it absolutely brings convenience to you in situations that you may have never imagined.


Heading In on a 4-Wheeler Either to Camp or Maybe Even a Backwoods Party?  Don’t forget the Power.


Final Thoughts

I didn’t know portable power existed in the form of the Generatr 1200.  After using it though, I can say that I am thoroughly impressed and can’t believe I wasn’t aware of such a convenience!  It’s so simple and easy to take with you…anywhere.  I can see this being an asset not only in the things I’ve already talked about but if you hunt from a camp near your truck you’ve got electricity at the touch of a button.  In the boat…no problem. I love getting away from it all but you’ve got to admit electricity is an amazing thing.  If you want to take it with you then be sure to take a long look at picking up a Generatr 1200.

Disclaimer:  I received the Generatr 1200 at no charge in return for a fair and honest review.  I have provided you a summary of my experience with it and my thoughts about all the potential possibilities it has for me primarily during my hunting and fishing adventures but also around the house.  I receive no additional compensation if you choose to purchase one and make modern electrical utensils and appliances even more accessible than they already are.

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