Simple Steps (Pun Intended) To Help with Your Climb to the Top

July 26, 2017 — 4 Comments


Cliff on Pack In

Got a Hill to Climb?  You Better Be Ready Flatlander!!!


So you’ve got a mountain hunt planned but you live on a table top of topography.  The clock is ticking and you’ve got to be able to reach that high ridge in time to cut the approaching elk off.  What can you do to be ready?  While there are a million ways to train I wanted to share a couple cheap options that anyone can have access to.  If you live in a vertically challenged environment then take a look at these and consider adding them to your training regimen.

The Front Porch

Do you have front porch?  Then use it!!  Think about the act of walking up a mountain.  You pick one foot up and step up.  Repeat…over and over and over.  This is not a new age technical training apparatus it’s just good old fashion common sence.  Find a step and use it, a lot.



Nothing Particularly Exciting But As You Can See by the Puddle of Sweat it Certainly is A Great Workout for Those Who will be Ascending Magnificent Places This Fall.


Trash Picking

Want a bit more of a challenge?  How about piling some skids and really making yourself work.  I picked these up just before they made it into the dumpster.  Easily adjustable to accommodate your level of fitness and pretty secure to stand on.  They don’t take up much space and after your hunt you can take them apart and make something cool for your home if you’re so inclined (pun once again intended).

Man Made Inclines

Have a hillside nearby?  No sense in letting it go unused.  It may not be a huge ascent but when repeated multiple times on a consistent basis you’ll notice your strength and stamina increasing just like your position with regards to sea level as you head West this Fall!



Find an Incline, Any Incline, Grab Some Weight and Make it Happen.


Wait…oh I mean…Weight

Lastly, you’ll either start with a pack or hopefully end up with a very heavy one.  So strap one on and add some weight.  This will not only make the workouts more difficult but will prepare your legs and core to handle the extra load you’ll be packing with you.  Weight can come in many forms including rocks, sand, gallons of water, etc so look around and load it up.

These are cheap and easy ways to help increase your potential for success this fall.  Don’t make excuses to fail, create opportunities to succeed!!  Good luck!!

4 responses to Simple Steps (Pun Intended) To Help with Your Climb to the Top


    I’ve hiked plenty, but no mountain hunts yet. If you haven’t prepared the altitude will take you to your knees quick!! And the best part of these tips…they’re way more fun than working out in a gym!



    Great article. Really enjoyed reading it


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